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Definitely a good read, couldnt agree with this statement more.. "Under Sherwood, they are what is commonly known in the game as a "bomb scare". Nobody knows ...
4 years ago
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Exactly^^ I will always support and love Spurs. But when you don't agree with how things are being handled and you have valid opinions, than this is the exact p...
Well put
I'm referring to making formation changes mid game, like if the 442 is obviously not working than change it. We've played a 442 and 4231. Also I'm talking abou...
Thats the beauty of forums boys. We're all entitled to opinions. And WHR I bleed white and blue. I am and always will be Tottenham till I die. Which is exactly ...
Couldnt agree more
He's told the press multiple times what hes "told the players" at half time. And no. He's tactically inept because he plays player he likes over player who co...
He wasnt really all that poor. He had a total of 4 failed passes, 2 shots on goal (one of them resulting in a goal) Also, I think him and Dembele would have don...
The fact that this game we had a few players (Soldado, Lennon) that could have been subbed and should have cause they were playing poorly, and he left them on w...
6 wins against teams I wouldn't call top sides (other than United but we all know they aren't playing well this season) Also dont forget our 2 cup exits. so its...
Sherwood regarding Capoue: "He's here until the end of the season and hopefully he'll get enough chances to prove he's good enough to play in his national team...
Also now with Ade possibly being injured and Defoe leaving, We have Soldado who is obviously incredibly low on confidence and Kane. We still have the League an...
Of course. Cause why would Tim try and put a sub on... He's a f*****g joke. I'm sorry I can't stand him. I'd love for any manager to succeed, but his comments...
We need a left back. The rest we can wait on, but we absolutely need a LB
I'll always support the team, but I can have an opinion like everyone else. Frankly, while we've gotten result I remain unconvinced and uncomfortable. And like ...
Its not that he should play Capoue cause he's a multi million dollar player. He should because he proved he's a phenomenal CDM (not so much as a CB which is whe...
Daniel Levy: Here you go Tim, meet Lionel and Christiano. Joe's got sick of his Arab mate from Manchester taking the piss at him, so he's splashed half a billio...
Sherwoods comments on Capoue.. “I’ve got a certain amount of trust in other players before some others, but the longer I’m with them on the training fiel...
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