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5 years ago
Hay mr sickboybeale i have vote to you 2 funy and hope you vote to me 2 clever .. hope we be friends my friend viva man city
6 years ago
It's all just paper talk. To be honest, people are going to hate what they are going to hate regardless of what the papers say or the impression they give of us...
7 years ago
Congrats on winning the league.
Check out Mario's official apology for getting sent off, ...
Check out Mario's official apology for getting sent off, ...
No, seriously, he is horrible. Mark Hughes signed him and he sucks. You cant simply say 'why would you guys sign him?' (correct spelling) because managers sign ...
Errrr? Jo is awful, that's why.
Did you eat it? I bet you did didnt ya?
I hate Balotelli! The worst attitude I have ever seen on a footballer. Ever! And I coach teenagers. There is much more to being a good player than having skill....
I love the way effin United and Liverpool fans come on this message board and criticize City players for being 'leg breakers'(DeJong), 'think their world class'...
It was on the City website. He is gonna be out for about six weeks. Ade isnt goin anywhere until january and then will probably go to Madrid according to the BB...
Super Mario is injured already! Some one hook the lad up with some o' them 'power up' mushrooms and he will be shooting fireballs in no time.
Errrm? Eh?
8 years ago
Oh Jeez. Now I gotta talk to you online as well as in real life. There is no escape. Don't go around telling everyone I'm on this site or I will have all you lo...
He can stay there. Johnson has been 100 times more effective than he was.
City could still take third if we win our next two without conceding and score more than 10 and Arsenal lose to Fulham and if me Auntie had b******s she'd be me...
I am pointing at him o.o
Hi there. Why are you picking that dogs nose? Lol.
We need to be careful. we have a tough run in. Defeat to Spurs and Villa could result in a 6th or 7th place finish. That would be awful.
Typical City. Why do we only play for 90 mins even though there is injury and stoppage time? Utd always catch us napping because we are. It totally sucks becaus...
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