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I started loving football at a very young age. So young that I did not understand much about the tactics and the laws of Football. I only understood goals, victories and watching one man running with the ball and 5 or 6 other (defenders) running behind him. That man was so mesmerizing that even a little boy knew he was something out of this world. And he was none other than Diego Armando MARADONA. Four years later I knew everything about football and I was watching and supporting the defending champions Argentina riding on Maradona, Caniggia and Goycochia to the World Cup Finals in Italy 90. Then in 94 I most probably saw the strongest Argentina squad in the history with Maradona, Caniggia, Redondo, Simeone, Veron, and the emergence of Gabriel Omar Batistuta. But they failed again with Maradona failing the drug test. In 98 I had high hopes on Batistuta but still failed. After Batistuta, came Ortega, Crespo, Saviola, Requelme and Tevez but no one could do what Maradona did. I almost stopped watching football. But then I saw this young kid running and 5 or 6 defenders running after him. It was the same vision from my childhood when I saw Maradona in 1986. Suddenly my hopes came alive and started to believe again. He is special, he gives me the same pleasure of watching Maradona. It does not matter he won or lost it was the pleasure of watching him, his talent and flair which was missing in the world of football for almost 2 decades. And he is none other than Lionel Messi. He won everything with his club but now I started to believe one day I would get to see Argentina wins a World Cup. Atleast before I die......
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We have pretty much dominated this Era....(Last 10 years)
5 days ago
I would have loved to have Aguero in Barca...But now I am happy with Suarez. Not saying that Suarez is better or worse I think they are at the same level. Aguer...
Manchester City! Respect for not parking the Bus...and played beautiful football. Aguero's strike was mind blowing. City is the Best English Team...City dont pl...
6 days ago
Stop blaming the refs and the bus. In another day we would have won this game. These players are human. We are in a better form than Real and I back ourselves t...
1 week ago
Don wanna go blind in Messi Era. Lol
The one player that makes me so jealous of you guys is Isco. I wish we had him.
Guys relax! Barca, Real and Atletico still fighting over La Liga. Chelsea almost won PL already in February. Others fighting for the second and Third Spot pl...
I am still recovering from all the jizzing on the Cristiano Assist. Dont show me this now. I ll explode! Lol
All the players that leaves La Liga for BPL turns into the star player of that team. Aguero, Costa, etc. If Messi where in BPL he would prolly have broken way m...
I thought Aguero found it easy in Epl than in La Liga. Diego Costa is doing well as well. I believe Messi is Better than Costa and Aguero. Anyway lets get back...
You guys ready for MSN tomorrow?
2 weeks ago
Back in the Days, I wanted Ronaldo when Rivaldo was around and these days i wanted Aguero to team up wit Messi.
Good to see so many opinions. I was just honest with my opinion. In no way I think Ronaldo is comparable to Messi. I agree with PEJVL that they do push each oth...
I dont really like Ronaldo. Being Honest. But I ll have to give it to him cos he managed to steal 3 BALLON D OR in the Same Era the BEST PLAYER of all time in f...
3 weeks ago
Everything is about money and advertisement....its all business...If they pay for the name then why not....
Everytime I see Isco I get more amazed....He ll be a real danger for all the opponents.
Ha Ha Ha.....You made my day.
How come they get so much penalties and we dont? Silly but it is true....We still manage to win, thanx to our deadly forwards but, Messi could have been leading...
4 weeks ago
Suarez again with Messi with his Right......
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