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I started loving football at a very young age. So young that I did not understand much about the tactics and the laws of Football. I only understood goals, victories and watching one man running with the ball and 5 or 6 other (defenders) running behind him. That man was so mesmerizing that even a little boy knew he was something out of this world. And he was none other than Diego Armando MARADONA. Four years later I knew everything about football and I was watching and supporting the defending champions Argentina riding on Maradona, Caniggia and Goycochia to the World Cup Finals in Italy 90. Then in 94 I most probably saw the strongest Argentina squad in the history with Maradona, Caniggia, Redondo, Simeone, Veron, and the emergence of Gabriel Omar Batistuta. But they failed again with Maradona failing the drug test. In 98 I had high hopes on Batistuta but still failed. After Batistuta, came Ortega, Crespo, Saviola, Requelme and Tevez but no one could do what Maradona did. I almost stopped watching football. But then I saw this young kid running and 5 or 6 defenders running after him. It was the same vision from my childhood when I saw Maradona in 1986. Suddenly my hopes came alive and started to believe again. He is special, he gives me the same pleasure of watching Maradona. It does not matter he won or lost it was the pleasure of watching him, his talent and flair which was missing in the world of football for almost 2 decades. And he is none other than Lionel Messi. He won everything with his club but now I started to believe one day I would get to see Argentina wins a World Cup. Atleast before I die......
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Atletico's tactics may still work on RM but not us anymore. We are getting better at defending set pieces, counters and shootings. We are BACK....
2 days ago
Congratulations guys...Hope Aguero get fit soon before harder tasks.
1 month ago
I have feeling you guys playing Schalke.
Sorry Bud...I thinks its the clowns who showed how to play football.
Oh God we are so
Thanks to Messi for leaving the ball for Suarez to score...Very few in the World would do that. Indeed a team player...this goal would help Suarez gain some con...
Would like to see you guys in UCL next season. Keep the push!
I have always been an outside City suppporter. Congratulations on the win...I believe City can still win it but very upset about Kun...I hope him a quick recove...
Cristiano is a complete scorer and at the peak of his game right now. I am just glad I get 2 see Messi and Ronaldo live in action.
Its hilarious when haters talk about Messi not being a complete player or he should try playing in a different team. No doubt he is the best player in the world...
I thought you were talking about Cristiano all the time but in the last 2 lines at your Hint..I got confused with Messi. lol Jokes Apart...Cristiano is playing ...
When and where can I watch the cdr game? Need Help mates.
Ronaldo is an amazing player and probably playing his best games of his life at the moment. Messi is the best in the World and arguably playing his worse at the...
2 months ago
Hows Icardi Doin?
3 months ago
I was never a United Fan. But i love Dimaria. I wish u guys all the best with him. Rooney was the player i liked. Now I have Dimaria, Falcao and Rojo to follow ...
Aguero will win the league for City again. I hope he keeps playing like this and avoid injuries.
What u guys think about Masch as CDM in Classico?
Cant wait till Messi Breaks the record in the Capital!
The 2nd goal by Cristiano was Brilliant.
Realfan, U n I almost had the same list but with just 1 and 2 switched. Yea we are lucky to have the best 5 between us.
4 months ago
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