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ShellzUTD thought the Barcelona v Real Madrid match was awesome
4 years ago
Losing to the so-called "worst team" of the round.... Guess we now know who the most pathetic team in Europe is
Moyes Out please... Fergie are you watching??? Same pathetic performances every week? Zenit has a more attainable goal of turning around their 4-2 defeat to Do...
Congrats Dortmund. Made it this far but it was not to be. Only hope the team gets to keep its players so they can continue to be a real threat.
5 years ago
ShellzUTD (Manchester United) 6 hours ago Ha ha. Only here because City lost. Nice. Strike two mate, consider yourself under watch from now on.
Bale, seriously stop. Week in week out with these goals. I'm not one to get into the debate about who should and shouldn't be getting awards, but just WOW! Real...
Hats off to Beckham. All the people who say all kinds of rubbish about him are those who really don't count. Check all his managers and players around him and e...
Not sure what to make of this match really. Strange one. That said well done to WBA and Lukaku. Thanks you Sir Alex for taking on the reigns and making Manches...
All this talk about who deserved to win and who didn't, counts for nothing. Atletico Madrid won, end of conversation. I'm just happy Real lost, still bitter bou...
I know there was football played, but the only thing i could think about was a MANCHESTER UNITED without THE BOSS - SIR ALEX FERGUSON. I really still haven't qu...
Congrats to Wigan Athletic. Did not just turn up for the match but actually played and played well. Hopefully the Community shield will now be the first cup for...
United have just looked flat these past two games. Don't know if its because the trophy's won already. You would have thought that it was United that had the ma...
C'mon Man City you've gotta put up a better fught than that if u wanna retain the title.... Oh wait. lol Champ20ns!!!
Congrats to the Blues. All the best in the finals. I don't get it tho, where does David Luiz get these goals from. Its like there's always something in the bag ...
Yeah we got our ass kicked in the Finals. Yes i still am not over it. Yes i think Shinji Kagawa must be saying "Why the f**k did i go to United"... But seriousl...
ShellzUTD (Manchester United) 5 hours ago Wow where to begin??? After watching the game and seeing the outcome, my intention was to come here and just trash ta...
Wow where to begin??? After watching the game and seeing the outcome, my intention was to come here and just trash talk the hell out of Barcelona and their fans...
Wouldn't have been epic with 9 or 10 players left on the pitch.
"How sweet the taste of defeat on Dortmund's tongue". Defeat never tasted soooo good. To see the faces of the Madrid players was priceless. Ronaldo left crying,...
Good game Villa. Keep fighting. And Mr. Benteke sir please take a bow. Simply world class.
City didn't get a guard of honor last year. Hmmmm.
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