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Homophobia, racism, douchebaggery.
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I don't know "anything" about football because I am an American.

I call the beautiful game "soccer," which really pisses you off, doesn't it?

I grew up playing American football. I still love that game, but within the last few years of my life I have become obsessed with association football. After visiting Europe several times, playing WAY too much FIFA on xbox, watching my hometown get a professional team, and the World Cup essentially making my summer, I can now call myself a rabid fan.

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It was a great match until that penalty. I can't judge the ref for making the call, but it was certainly a turning point. I really wish Martinez would've starte...
Shazbotben nominated L. Traoré (5') for Goal of the Week
Shazbotben nominated M. Balotelli (86') for Goal of the Week
Any other week and I'd nominate that Pienaar goal.
Bale is the ultimate hybrid of pretty and badass.
6 years ago
Well, let's be clear, you're probably the only Chelsea fan specifically who feels that way. I'd imagine most fans of the opposition prefer seeing Torres across ...
I could make the exact same case in response, that those errors do occur in top flight European football. Arsenal, for example, strike a highly dramatic balance...
Because no one in top flight European football makes a selfish mistake. /s
Offsides or not, our boys were outperformed, out-muscled, and out-classed. New York deserved the 3 points. I'm looking forward to the playoffs regardless, but I...
In 90 minutes I think I saw more creativity from the USMNT than they've displayed in the whole of the last two years. The finishing needs to be there, and the d...
They do have a long ways to go, I wouldn't say they're shitty though. I also don't know why you think they don't deserve respect, or why you think Honduras is a...
Damn, that's another goal for the Union off of a Farfan keeping the ball in play at the end line. Gotta love the tenacity and determination from those two!
You're probably right. MLS seems to have a deserved reputation for being more physical, so it would seem to follow that more strength would be beneficial. Whate...
Some amazing skied strikes over the crossbar! :P
Breathtaking goal by McCabe!
Good for the team, and good for the league!
MLS top? New York is not even on top of the Eastern Conference. Sure, they have the most expensive and arguably most talented squad, but they are just not click...
Hey don't go throwing tokers under the bus just because Wenger likes it too much ;)
It was probably a "You suck asshole!" cheer. A lot of MLS supporters yell that whenever the opposing keeper puts the ball back into play. Supporters in the west...
So it appears as if this was another instance of the second-half subs caving. Oh well, hats off to Portland, for that second goal was quite lovely.
Yeah, they're the backups to the normal Union broadcasting crew. Bob Rigby was the goalkeeper for the Philadelphia Atoms from back when they won the NASL champi...
They are the local commentators. This was not a national broadcast. I mean god forbid they show some emotion when a 17-year-old academy player scores in front o...
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