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Just gave you two funny votes mate! see you around the site!
5 years ago
Yeh, definitely need a 100% Rooney w/the way Spurs are playing right now full of confidence.
8 years ago
Anelka is good and by no means a second rate forward, which is why he doesn't belong at Chelsea and will end up wandering off to another team yet again as he's ...
Yeah, i'll be pissed if we end up winning the rest of our games and chelsea win the league because of a missed handball call and an offsides goal. will always ...
Was talking about comparing to Burnley and Birmingham, since everyone seems to be up about the fact that they thrashed a mediocre team and a relegation team. 9...
Seeing it live the first time, like the commentators I thought it was a handball, then after reviewing the replays, looks like the referee had it right and that...
Tackle was a hands down sending off, even if he did get the ball first, studs were up and into the inside of Milner's knee.
I agree w/Tony and I miss Ruud. I wish things didn't go sour w/him and SAF, what a help he'd be right now. Wilshere was looking promising today, f*ckin Arsena...
Exactly, he played as well as could be expected given how the game was going and slipped a perfect ball in for Valencia who should have slotted it home, but wha...
Amen, UNITED forever! LUHG.
Derby is a derby, we need Rooney back and fit asap to compete. After last visit to Old Trafford and Carling Cup exit, I'm sure you City c*nts are blood-thirsty...
Right, you have the option to turn it on/off, so choose as you see fit. Plus half the people on here are teenagers anyways.
Has to be someone w/experience and a big enough name to try and fill the shoes, not a young up and comer. I say Roy Hodgson or Owen Coyle. Also, how about Mar...
Ok, for fantasy league purposes why is Tevez getting credit for the second goal? Onuoha clearly headed the ball in w/out Tevez touching it as it was going in a...
Haha, I love how we both have red icons of true United legends. Long live Georgie Best and Eric the King!
Class show. The Soccerettes are a nice bonus too!
Best show ever and it needs to be brought back A.S.A.P. for all the stuff going on in Champions League and World Cup coming up! They're missing out on some qua...
Agreed, he's still very young though, so there's plenty of time. He's gaining some good experience, but I think you're right, time for a bigger club.
What do you guys think about young McCarthy from Wigan?
Not as a center mid, he's better on the wing and we already have Nani/Valencia. I wish we could get someone like Modric, he's good and SAF likes him.
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