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Just a bad game for sunderland. props to all goal scorers (loved the first goal from the center back from range)
4 years ago
Yall keep talking about RVP and his injury's and how Arsenal stayed with him throughout them. yet at united he hasn't been injured... and that is because we hav...
Didnt win it til the last game
That would be your arsenal support who cannot read. yes united scored when we were half asleep, as for some frustrating reason we seem to do quite a bit. United...
Lack of concentration, Arsenal are a great team but very young and with no calming force that commands respect in the mid. still to much a collection of talente...
Noirs i cant follow you comment fabby what he said is true about quite a few fans in soccer world. if you are from the states you will know that United are lik...
If any part of the body that can legally play the ball is offsides then the players is offsides. learn the rules bud as a ref it is one of the basic things we l...
Better than ur current GK and can bring experiance for him as well
So walcott was offside's, matersacker down for RVP's yellow (look closely he maybe catches him with his arm, then walcott get taken down and acts like a B!tch w...
Beckhams should have been only a yellow due to him not making any contact with the out stretched leg, could see the first one being a red but the highlights cut...
5 years ago
This isn't gunna gain me any supporters but i would say rest RVP in the madrid game and play chica. i believe RVP may be playing with more of an injury than he ...
Dang lennon and bale made arsenal's back four look like schoolboys. though i cant say that spurs back four were much better vs arsenals attack. man lennon had a...
See but Madrid won get the calls like they got vs Barca in the last two game. madrid's man scoring threat (CR7) will get tossed around like a rag doll and noth...
You forget they had no head coach
Clear PK at the end. also card were deserved for what happened at the end as well. have to say tho, RM fans are saying they are the best. yet i see someone mi...
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