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Didn't think that Demichelis's red was a penalty, thought it was outside the box but a sure red. seemed to be a good game, hopefully city will make it interesti...
CR7 deserved to be sent off. he put his hands to the face of one player and racked it down his face then got into a headbutting match with another. that in it s...
5 years ago
Every one is against Chelsea even quite a few Chelsea fans. kinda makes me laugh
Kokm1 that just shows more about your squad in 3rd who just got beat by that 15th placed team. they didnt treat him badly, it is football crap happen. everyone ...
Chelsea may well fall below Liverpool at this rate. i don't think it is in the players as most are world class, tactics and manager are to blame in my opinion. ...
Little disappointed that no one has mentioned the main reason for the first goal. outside of a horrible back pass from carrick and a smart move by De to not get...
"No loyalty just money hungry. I know you guys wil start to mention a few others but olease its not the same. I bet you wont see rooney go play with arsenal." ...
Better highlights anyone? kinda wanna see both red cards
The one in the 44th min? he came around him and hit him like that. if he would have gone through the back of the legs then it would have been a straight red but...
Sell and upgrade? quite a few defenders out there that are better
I believe you are a tad harsh on the linemen for the offsides goal. got to remember yall had cech and 2-3 defenders between chica and the linemen. other wise i ...
Sh!t happens, my memory only goes back to the start of the season. that is when the slate is wiped clean and everyone is on a level playing field.
Think they are worried about disrupting the flow of the game if you have to stop and analyze many plays. which would make these games suck if they stopped it fo...
Saying that RVP is a world class striker and any team outside of maybe barca would be better for having him (not sure if he would fit their). Jeganx what i am s...
Ivanovic was a red due to the fact that young was in 1v1 with the keeper. and Torres did go down easily, it was jsut the POV of the ref that it was a dive. the ...
We ruining the competition? how? spending 3/4 of a billion like city? spending 100's of millions like chelsea? tell us how are we ruining the game? we spend min...
Match fixing? no but you know where that does happen ITALY!!!
Jeganx... you watch Arsenal compared to last year? if they had RVP they could very well be a top 3 team with the players they have now and RVP.
Young didnt dive, watch his left leg when Ivanovic comes across behind him. he ends up clipping his foot which causes the fall.
Or Man Utd won by playing hard, exploiting the wings, hitting a beautiful through ball which lead to the first red, playing strong def (after the games was tied...
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