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More Italian failure in the CL..
About time. It's been getting real bad in the last two years, with teams like Watford and West Ham buying first team players from top Italian sides, and outspe...
4 days ago
Our Juve Netflix series is out! Just watched the first episode, quite underwhelming honestly. Not as personal as I would've liked. Just a lot of interviews wit...
1 week ago
I wonder if Dybala would do well as a false 9 in place of Higuain? Higuain is already kinda having that role now, as he has to drop very deep to get the ball th...
Damn, I was critical of our home performance against Spurs, but Porto was just destroyed by Pool 5-0 at home. Remember when we struggled against Porto last sea...
Hmm I think my criticism of MDS is fair. There’s a reason why clubs are clamoring for players like Alex Sandro and not MDS. Football has evolved and is punish...
@Jujex You said what I was afraid to even think. Marchisio does look like he's struggling to come back. But I still have hope of him becoming a decent regista ...
Anyone notice the stark difference between our left and right wing? Our Brazilian duo on the left were the bright spots of the game, providing us with our bette...
Pjanic-Khedira just never works. Khedira is too immobile and static, and Pjanic has terrible positioning. And both aren't that great at short passing. You'll n...
Embarrassing. Effed-up Italian mentality. 80 minutes to go? Sure we'll sit back, and then talk about how much we respect our opponents afterwards. Tottenham de...
Bentancur would have helped a lot here. But he's not even on the bench. Edit: My bad, he is on the bench.
Berna is pretty much useless here. Can't pass or keep the ball. Can't even get a good touch. I say get him off for Marchisio as an extra CM
Barring the first 10 minutes, that was one of the most arrogant displays we've put up.
Great video Spigy. This was a team with minimal flash and maximum substance.
Never noticed this but Quagliarella is in the running for capocannoniere with 17 goals, making him third top scorer and just 3 behind Immobile. Amazing season ...
Wow Napoli 4-1 Lazio. Now we know how Napoli and Roma felt for the last 6 years. We keep winning and they just keep winning back. The chase continues.
Yes Bentancur was very impressive in that advanced midfield position. Very reminiscent of his Boca form.
You're right, we were certainly second best for most of the match. But I guess that's what makes us champions, winning the games we should have lost. And also,...
I'd say that too. Pjanic's short passing leaves a lot to be desired. He always underhits them. Principino is much better.
2 weeks ago
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