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You know what's a joke? Fiorentina.
3 days ago
Same here. I don't mean to be a wet blanket after a good win, but I was really ticked off by how many attacking corners we wasted by playing it short. It was t...
The scenes with Gigi and Iker at the end... Legendary.
4 days ago
Someone call Mensa, Allegri's subs have been GENIUS! DANI ALVESSSSS
Welcome to the CL Pjaca!!! GOOAAAALLLL
Our crosses into the box has been really poor so far.
Two yellows in two minutes, that guy should have known better.
Those light effects look world class!
5 days ago
Seems like nobody is afraid to voice their displeasure to Allegri. Don't know if that is a good or bad thing.
1 week ago
Http:// So basically one of the Calciopoli judges admitted the final rulings was a serious error. Qu...
What a freekick by Dybala! Pjanic better watch out
He really is an amazing striker, haven't had one like him since Trezegol.
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Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate... leads to suffering.
2 weeks ago
This is absolute BRILLIANCE from Marotta, considering we got him for 11m. He's now two years older, didn't really shine, and yet we only lose 1m on him? Marott...
Anyone else saw how good Handanovic was today? Excellent goalkeeping from the Inter man,
3 weeks ago
Marchisio with his 2008 hair cut XD
I've had so many heart attacks in the first 45 minutes
Someone call the police! Cuadrado brought a cannon to the game! What a goal!!
On the bright side, it's heartening to see more Italian coaches gaining recognition from outside Italy, joining the likes of Ancelotti and Capello. Heck, even ...
Bologna 1 - 7 Napoli. A rare sight in Serie A. Hamsik with a hat-trick, and Mertens with his THIRD hat-trick and 16th goals of this season. It is abundantly ...
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