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I completely agree with both of you, all the critics and plastic fans blaming it on rvp are just trying to create something out of nothing. While it still hasn...
5 years ago
Bendtner: Jail for stealing pizza Squids: a retirement home Arshavin: Zenit PCY: ligue 1 DJ: rotation option Berbs: Serie A Benayoun: No idea Carroll: Stayin...
Thanks man, good luck with the coaching. Also, you've probably already seen this, but is a great website that analyzes the tactics of games, m...
You're my new favorite person for sharing that website with me. If I could keep giving you cools I would, be here's two for ya! Thanks again!
Maradona's twin?
Glad I could help, they also have the game against Oberneuland in good quality. Reus's dummy round the keeper... aww soo beautiful, I can't wait to see how the...
As long as BVB aren't drawn into a group of death, I can see the team making a good run.
Not sure if you're looking for the full game, but has the game for dl
Might catch some flak for this from maradona fans, but it's all in good fun... Maradona... ...and th...
The swansea scoreline could've been even bigger too, those two offsides calls weren't correct
Just played barca in the first leg of champions league in FM and bossed them 4-1 at the emirates, chambo with the double, giroud and theo also netting, I'm so p...
Completely off topic, but I thought this was hilarious so figured I'd share:
Hey guys, I'm trying to set my fantasy team for this weekend, I currently have tevez up front, with aguero out do you think dzeko will start as well? Or is it ...
Is anyone having trouble watching the game on the online espn stream? It keeps telling me "you do not have access to the content (no subscriber)" Any ideas?
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