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He had 3 chances aside from the goal he scored which was an easy one for him where all the hard work was done mainly by Valencia and a little bit by Martial -...
2 weeks ago
The Rooney ,Ibra combo won't work ...a brave decision needs to be taken ...Rooney out Mkhy in
They need a CB and a forward
Fellaini did really well defensively ...broke so many Bournmouth attacks ,won all the 50-50 and aerial duels he was involved in and with a high passing accuracy...
He lost every bit of pace he once had ,lots of miss paces ,no dribbles ,no runs in behind ...absolutely nothing today ...hope Mou gives up on him as early as po...
Fellaini won about 95% of the 50-50 situations he was involved in ...defensively was brilliant
Bailly and Blind were great today
I'm currently 2nd in footy tubers fantasy league ....nice
What i want to see tomorrow : ------------------DDG---------------- VAlencia-----BAilly----Blind------Shaw -----------------Carrick-------------- ----------...
Moyes proving his worth as a manager drawing 1-1 in the last 7 minutes and he brings out his only attacking outlet and his goalscorer on the day to bring in a C...
Talks around Mata's departure are intensifying with Everton apparently inquiring about him ...hope we do our best to keep him as long as Rooney is playing the w...
The deal is reported to be in the range of 6 to 8 m pounds which is a great deal for us given both of the players contracts end next year i remember last year ...
Substituting Mata was not a smart move ...i know he explained it in the post match interview but Herrera isn't that taller than Mata and he was on the pitch a b...
3 weeks ago
The Rooney and Ibra combo upfront won't work and this has nothing to do with what we saw today although what we have seen was awful and not encouraging in terms...
How about the way Real treated Makalele ,Raul ,Iker Casillas ,Carvalho and so many others not in Mou's reign as Madrid manager .these things happens it's not ni...
4 weeks ago
I don't think so .Mou said in the post match interview that he now has a 20 man squad in Sweden with him add to that Mensah ans Smalling whom he mentioned by na...
China is always there and i believe we could be making serious money out of his sale in the range of 100 to 150 m if we decided to sell
1 month ago
I want to see last year's center back pairing of Blind and Smalling ...i think Bailly isn't ready yet he doesn't speak english and he's a little bit rash and tw...
Wrong??? the guy made 3 assists ...he's our best attacking right full back
What's with the deep defensive line and letting opponent have most of the possession ...i don't like that and it isn't working ...we need to press more
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