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We should seriously consider Wijnaldum and Sissoko from Newcastle ...could be real bargains giving the relegation
4 days ago
We're making the same mistake with Perreira as we did with Pogba
With Newcastle relegated can we get Wijnaldum the circumstances i don't think he'll cost much
1 week ago
Why was Herrera adamant on conceding free kicks on the edge of the area ...he was rubbish today
We won't win all of our remaining games especially the one away at Upton Park
3 weeks ago
Sell him while he still got selling value
Prayers also for the people killed in the Turkey attacks ...
2 months ago
Sign Ibra for free ,Benteke is not good for us
It's rumored that Rooney will be out for 2 months ...any confirmation ??
3 months ago
Way too late now to take an action like that ...have to stick by him till end of season then get a proper manager
The ref was sh!t i agree but don't blame the defeat on him ,this is a Sunderland side that should be swept away and defeated easily but we don't have a horrible...
DDG even saved 2 clear goal scoring opportunities in this game alone ...and the second goal isn't his fault it's Smalling's fault ,he let Kone jump alone with n...
It's official the Chelsea fans are a bunch of racist sc@mbags ,first it was the incident with the black guy in the Paris subway and now this ..attacking an Arab...
We're the new Liverpool and no top 4 this season as well ...
4 months ago
I predicted Ayew would be a great fit for the PL and said many times we should consider signing Austin ...someone has to tell the board that missing on Texeira ...
Look who scored's the guy i've been saying for ages that we should consider signing sarcastic life could be well done Southampton ...a deserved w...
Please don't sign Felipe Anderson ...i hope we don't sign him ,would be a much worst signing than Depay Texeira of Shakhtar or even Mane would be a much better...
Real have gone absolutely mad ...Zidane isn't an upgrade to Rafa ,they are only 3rd in La Liga ,doing well in the CL and i think they're still in the cup ...ver...
Merry christmas from Egypt ... and hope we kick Stoke's a@@ on Saturday ...
5 months ago
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