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SeriousOne wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
In all fairness your questions were shi*. You asked him were they negative, he said no 3 times. Then you carried on with the negative train. You said you were a...
Hiring familiar people around him was the wrong way to go. Making a transition from Fergie was never goina be easy, but keeping the same coaching staff around t...
Oh I'm enjoying. If arsenal don't get a title this season (you get use to it after a while), then I can take pleasure in watching Utd get thumped.
Come on scouser (or scouser wanna-be). Torres was on fire for Liverpool so stop hating. Dude sucks now for sure but you can't forget his history.
No wait.. it didn't balance out. Vidic got a red card from that dive so Utd got unlucky there. Then again they were get steam rolled before that so it wouldn't ...
True.. it was a dive, but karma worked out well in the end. Sturridge was blatantly fouled in the box after that but he didn't get the penalty. And were you thi...
I'm not quite understanding you Real. To each their own. I could NOT watch American is WAY too slow..too many breaks, and too commercialised. When ...
To be fair.. The Sturridge penalty was a bit of a dive.. Vidic never touched him. BUT Sturridge did get blatantly fouled in the box after that which the referee...
AVs attacking play in this game was really impressive. Haven't seen them play like that for a LONG time.
What you on about Preznet. Stupid mentality to have. It's up to the team, not one player, to make amends. And Messi didn't play too bad. It's the managers respo...
I had a dream that Tottenham beat us 5-0. The Liverpool a*swhooping we've been receiving isn't sitting well with me. We won our last game with you guys but it ...
Fuc* me sideways. England are so goina get destroyed in the World Cup. It's not about the players you have, it's about what you do with them. We could have a te...
What a goal by Shalke. If that was the game winner that would def be goal of the season for them.
OUCH!!!!Ah man..that was a vicious burn. Usually they sugarcoat and passively aggressively say what they wanna say..but Mourinho just said it without any hesita...
City are back :). Goina be one hell of a PL show-down. Come on Arsenal, it's our turn now!!
Don't be a hater. Ozil has had a lot more playing time in Arsenal than he had with RM. Takes time to adjust. But Silva is very special.. and it made me realise ...
Agree with Hazard. People have become spoilt with managers. The way they get sacked these days, a few bad games and people are already contemplating getting rid...
City vs Barca.. what a game to watch. Barca back on form and City coming of a big Chelsea win.
Barcelona are amazing but damn this commentator is fuc*ing annoying.
How do you know this Ryan? Did you speak to the players personally?
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