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I dont buy abramovich's crush on Guardiola for one reason: i) he was there barca performed, he left and they are still breaking records. Looks like it was more...
Why would u ask such a question?
OMG... They sack the one manager who won the one thing you coveted so much in his first half season? Even Mourinho failed to do this for any team he has managed...
Not just that but Balotelli Threw himself to the ground when he saw that there was no way he was winning the shoving war. That's just disgusting and is what got...
I will never be a fan of a club who's formation changes like the weather.
Come back and comment when u know what real football is. For starters I'm pretty sure you didnt even watch the match because if u did u'd know that Real has ton...
I think city need to buy some fans like the one's Dortmund have. Maybe pay a mob a hundred pounds each to scream as loud as they can. I think thats what makes t...
Whyyyyyy Aronica??? Whyyyyyyyy ;(
So true hahahaha. It isnt called the Fergie Association for nothing :).
I dont know about u guys but if u ask me Juve's been on the right side of too many decisions lately. At some point something's gotta give or they are at it agai...
I love the commentator on these middle eastern highlights. He is full of energy :)
Ok... fair enough so the conclusion is... they both dove which would get young a yellow and Torres a red.
If u disagree that he dove, read below and reply my comment with your opinion.
Compare Torres' reaction to Cleverly after his Kung fu kick. Cleverly got straight up and could've simulated just as well to get Torres a red card.
Ofcoarse there was contact... Noone denied that. We dont need bifocals but you need a brain because he got a card for EXAGERATING it and faking injury on the gr...
In Busquets esque fashion.
THANK YOU!!! He dove and he suffered the consequences. A calculated risk that didnt pay off.
Because he is more qualified at it than you and your keyboard warrior fingers.
Torres simulated/dove and its chrystal clear. Diving is the act of faking injury(which he did when he rolled around on the ground) or exagerating contact to giv...
Simulating(diving) is the act of exagerating contact or faking injury to gain an unfair advantage. Torres falls in the faking injury category. Look at the repla...
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