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Sebparedes nominated Mata (61') for Goal of the Week
Sebparedes nominated R. Falcao (42') for Goal of the Week
Howard webb needs to learn to get the f**k out of the way already
What does logic have to do with it?
The new rule is just so FIFA can make more money off the matches from the games played by the defending champs
Ive defended Valdes for years but i think ive finally had it with him. Its not just simple errors anymore...he just doesnt care either, you can see in his body ...
Maybe its the lack of a consistent defense?...just throwing it out there as a possibility
I think credit should be given to Palop for having an amazing game rather than Barca being "poor"....and Medel is a dirty thug by the way, i have no sympathy fo...
I'd be amazed if Atleti can actually hold onto Falcao by next season...all the English clubs will surely be after him even more.
For those who claim the goal was offside are just in denial or simply don't understand the fundamentals of the rule...if it was any other team, no one would be ...
Apart from how you feel about the result, this was a fantastic match.
6 years ago
You tend to lose credibility when you call him "Bitchquets" least come up with something a bit more clever next time. Here's how I see it Yaya is a much m...
*facepalm* ....idiots like Foballa who throw the term "racism" around don't seem to understand it's meaning and clearly know nothing of football with these com...
Dont know what the big deal is about...hes joked around like that with others like Abidal before
Easier said than done
God I'm so happy that we have such a talented little speedster up front in much as I love Villa, he just did not provide the kind of intensity and m...
I think the linesman was somehow under the impression that Masch was going for the ball and didnt realize he intended the shoulder charge lol, other than those ...
When u beat someone or complete a pass. basically when the ball leaves your possession under your own will rather than from being stolen
Yea i know and I appreciate the necessity but I just feel the midfield misses him too much, not enough opportunity for the Xaviniesta magic
My one complaint with the tactics is I feel that Iniesta isnt being used properly on the wing, he needs to be floating around more centrally
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