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13 hours ago
I think it's 08:00 for the GMT +1 but I could be wrong.... And if I am then I will lose quite a few points >_
1 month ago
Can someone tell me when will the points show from the the Brazil vs Croatia game come up?
Congrats to all winners, very good job guys!
Seanf24 is now friends with Gunnerito
2 months ago
Actually I am not at all overemphasizing Pep's achievements or exaggerating Barca's problems. Barca was in mid-table in the the middle of the season. After winn...
Ok Frankie, fair enough you pointed out some very good facts and risks that Pep took which I was not really aware of and they turned out to be very good decisio...
You made a lot of points about Pep which are typically made by fans of other clubs who don't remember what was happening at Barca when Pep took over. Saying Rij...
No one said that Pep is not a good coach or that he did not do good things at Barca, but the truth is he did benefit a lot from the work of Rijkaard whether you...
3 months ago
We don't owe you anything as you got your money. Blame it on the poor transfers made by Levy. Bale should not be more expensive than C. Ronaldo.
Seanf24 thought the Barcelona v Real Madrid match was awesome
I didn't get offended at all. I think its crazy for even football pundits to suggest that Pep is a fraud. Most people who didn't follow Barca until the current ...
Hi Frankie, you replied back to me on the Real Madrid page and for some reason you felt very offended because you thought that I called Pep a fraud. Well just t...
Franky you misunderstood me and the same goes for the other 4 who gave you thumbs up. Now I should not need to explain my comment in further detail when I thoug...
I can't believe many are so worried that were playing Bayern Munich, it would'nt have mattered who we played as all teams at this stage are tough and they're al...
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Seanf24 nominated Isco (27') for Goal of the Week
Seanf24 gave the Real Madrid v Borussia Dortmund video a rating of 5
Prediction of Real Madrid line-up against Schalke: Iker Carvajal Nacho Varane Coentrao Illara Casemiro Isco Jese Ronaldo ...
4 months ago
Seanf24 gave the Real Madrid v UD Levante Valencia video a rating of 5
5 months ago
Seanf24 gave the Schalke 04 v Real Madrid video a rating of 5
Wanted to say the same thing lol
Seanf24 gave the Espanyol v Villarreal video a rating of 3
Seanf24 nominated Soriano (35') for Goal of the Week
Seanf24 thought the Ajax v FC Salzburg match was good
Last goal....AWESOME! Contender for goal of the year for me.
Seanf24 nominated L. Traoré (5') for Goal of the Week
Seanf24 nominated Jesé Rodríguez (5') for Goal of the Week
Seanf24 nominated Neymar (89') for Goal of the Week
What a performance by Chelsea, they were pure class. Almost everyone played excellent especially Hazard and Matic who deserve to share the motm award. Could not...
Nice one, thanks Matt and everyone who made this possible.
Sorry double post by mistake..
I heard that it will go as planned. The only issue is that we don't know what time will the transfer window open at. And that could be crucial because if it's a...
Ouch, thought I was having it hard guess u have it worse. Anyways..this just proves my point that we need the transfer window way earlier, sometime in december ...
7 months ago
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