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4 years ago
A 20 goal a season winger is a poor finisher? lol ok.
You don't play much football do you? he couldn't readjust his body to kick for a throw, he shaped up to clear the ball which was the right thing to do, it was j...
As hopeful i want to be and as happy i am about the team's performances, i think it's wisest for us as fans to remain humble while enjoying this brilliant spell...
Good job today from Gnabry, would still love for him to be more expressive when going forward, but love how responsible he his with the ball and when tracking b...
This team is without Cazorla, Podolski, Rosicky, Arteta, Ox and Diaby. When these players return I'd like to see stupid journalists like John Cross question our...
Lol Chelsea
In 8 games on the wing Cazorla has scored 4 goals and made 3 assists lol do you people even know what you're talking about? playing him on the wing is wroking p...
5 years ago
Good win, but this was a Reading team under transition under a new manager, so not much to read into this game, but i like the pressing and the passing seems mu...
If you were watching the game though you'd realise bayern were restricted to balls from the wide area and shots from outside of the box, mainly half chances and...
Remember stating earlier in the season that Arsenal were a shell of their former selves... and I stand by that. Both teams were ultimately quite sloppy but at l...
While fans like you become content with the team's consistent decline and take it with a smile. If what is going on at the club doesn't upset you then you don't...
Red card changed the game, before the red it was all Spuds, basically no chance for Arsenal which was unfortunate. Had it stayed 11 v 11, we possibly could have...
We scored 3 goals, so what? it was a s**t performance, poor defensive display, almost everything was embarrassing to a point, only Giroud offered some form of h...
I remember earlier in the season, stupid fan were being unrealistic... as much as it pains me to see how my club is performing, I'm glad some jackasses can fin...
You're stupid if you think Mertesacker can't play against smaller and faster opponents. You've never watched a football match in your life. The man played again...
None of them don't even take into consideration his assists, or his movement and key passes. How can fans be so quick to label the man a flop if he has only sta...
Mertesacker came in and showed the leadership we needed in the back 4, Carroll may have won the headers but the 2nd ball is what really matters. Santi, Giroud, ...
They did last season because Merte didn't fully adjust to the league and we had no choice after he got injured as well. They are basically the same type of the ...
Simply put Koscielny and Vermaelen cannot play together... poor performance and lucky result.
Lol Mertesacker has improved, but he was never bad/inexperienced, he just needed time like with most foreign players, as opposed to Jenkinson who has come a lon...
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