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Players that play with respect, honor, and heart.

Nuri Sahin
Keisuke Honda
Park Ji-Sung
Edinson Cavani
Fábio Coentrão
Mario Götze
Mesut Özil
Xabi Alonso
Sergio Ramos
Hamit Altintop
Adra Turan
Sabri Sarioglu
Any player that DIVES!!! No diving in football!
Enjoy watching Real Madrid, Turkey, and Japan.

Love is the solution ❤
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Agree, Mou need to play Sahin, we need him against Barcelona. Sahin is talented as Xabi and Schweinsteiger, and proved it last year.
6 years ago
Vanido- At 22, Sahin was German player of the year last year in the German League. Granero is a solid player, but Sahin is on a different level. Since his injur...
Why no Sahin? :( he look fit to play the past few weeks.
Your welcome, enjoy the game :)
3:50pm Eastern Time
Tonight's game will be on live and replay. My prediction is 3-1 Madrid :)
I take back my earlier line up of Kaka over Ozil, I would definitely start Ozil against Barca. I forgot about the Villa vs Ozil clash in the last game, Ozil is ...
Hello AFG, Khedria is a very good player, but against Barca both games he played very poor. In both of the Supercup games he got yellow yards within the first 3...
Thanks for the friendship, Contareo is one of my favorite players :)
Hello everyone, looking forward to the match up on Saturday :) -----Lass------Ramos------Pepe-----Marcelo-- --------Coentaro-------Alonso----- -----Di Maria...
Checkout this new Ronaldo vs Messi video 5*****
Haha Cjayzz :D no I don't market for espn, I would post live stream links for games, but footytube bans people for doing that. So when I check upcoming games an...
Thanks for the friendship, have a great day my friend.
Hello everyone, lot of good Euro games to watch today, I think the best will be the Turkey vs Croatia, last time these two played in Euro 2008 was one of the be...
Here is 2 cool votes for you do the same for me
Thank you for the kind comment my friend, yes Sahin will be back soon :D Have a awesome day!
Here's 2 cool votes for you. Thanks for the friend request. :) Sahin is almost back! :D
Tomorrows game will be on live or replay.
The Arsenal offer of 40m was to keep the fans happy, the offer it self was a joke. Arsenal offered 10m in cash and the rest of 30m in payments of 1m/year for th...
We don't need Neymar, the asking price for him in 2012 will be higher maybe around 55-60M. Way too much money, I would much rather have Goteze and Bale. Good da...
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