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I think it's fair enough. if juve beat us 3-0 in turin then you don't have to respect us
Past records won't count for anything once the game starts though
Scs33 just Watched
Malta Vs. Italy
Yeah i've gotta say i've only ever seen neuer make mistakes in matches where it doesnt matter. you wouldn't see him do that against spain or in the champions le...
Scs33 just Watched
France Vs. Spain
Rooney is overrated shite
I can agree with my fellow chelsea and dortmund fans on this
A shining example of a gracious loser on the other hand would be sir alex.
Don't be mean, great display by the gunners
I think bundesliga is much more exciting than epl, anyone can win the last 6 years 4 different teams have won it. as for epl, its been the same 4 that h...
Completely unfair to call the bayern players legless buffoons... sure mandzukic made the most of a few, but thats all. you say you're proud of your team (i woul...
No doubt bayern underestimated arsenal terribly/was complacent, but there is no sane person talking about bad reffing decisions in munich, there were simply no ...
Also, neuer didn't actually lose... lol
Suarez diving as per usual. it's going to be a penalty anyway and yet he makes as much of it as possible.
W00sh was right, the only reason the ref seemed in favour of real is cos most fouls and dives were committed by barca. how many chances did pedro waste with his...
Yeah i agree, imagine how many chances pedro could have if he didn't dive all the time!
Worst commentating ever in that vid
Lol evans fouling cisse pulling him into an offside position... sounds like a penalty to me
Hahahaha. but honestly saf is the sorest loser in the game, and i think barca might have something to say about 'epitomising football'
Reading plays the exact kind of anti-football that makes the premier league monotonous and boring. 8-9 men defending at all times, 0 chances, just 1 shot on tar...
I think if you were unbiased you could vote man utd anywhere between average and rubbish. i'm tempted to vote lucky hahaha :P
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