Screwzz13 (Shoaib Screwzz) shouts out "REAL MADRID GO KICK SUM ASS"
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Asianchick (Sarah Yamashita)
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Boblic (Sofia Okashina)
Cristiano9rocks (Ben Hermonat) from ..........., USA
I love soccer! and i play striker for my futbol team. I am a beast a soccer i crush any defender who stands in my way then i smash the ball into the back of the GOAL! and if im not ...
DiegoFC (Diego)
DrJKailer (Jeremy Kailer) from Austin
Hammad (Muhammad Hammad) Pakistan
Friendly guy wid a gud sense of humour.. U can know me better by being my frnd.. So come on.. wat r u ppl waiting for?? Send in a request...
Lavelle (Lavelle Mueller) from Dallas, United States
Born and raised in Mainz, Germany- now living in the USA. Massive supporter of Manchester United, Germany, Mainz 05, and US... but most importantly a huge supporter of great footba ...
Lfcalan (Alan)
Nickosson (Nicko Dangoo)
Nikki711 (Nikki Sevasti) from Chi-Town, USA
I'm hilarious and if you dont like it, I dont like you. kthanx
Sayuri (Sayuri) from Tokyo, Japan
Hi~! My name is Sayuri. I am a univercity student in Tokyo and I study English~ ^o^ I started watching football around the 2006 World Cup! I generally like watching Manchester U ...
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