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Well said, the money men are rapidly turning football into a fiscal nightmare, the superleague would be a closed shop for all except for those involved, if it g...
6 years ago
What makes him dumb? he's clearly researched the facts he put down in his blog, barca do have a higher debt that nearly every other club they compete with, they...
It wasnt a pen edwards clearly dived. felli never touched him, get a clue
Pienaar needs baines to play well
Funny how united fans think they can just pluck any player they want from everton! when in truth, man u have only signed 1 player from us, hardly the practices...
Could be some of billys bullshit, these rumours always emerge on the back of a few defeats or a fan rally
I wish we had the money for a striker to partner/take the load off saha. we were unlucky with the freekick chica is our new nemesis, hes like a mexican fowler
Good win for england 3-0 away, there are no easy games in international football, except for san marino of course. shame we cant win this comfortably at wembl...
I love rooneys touch, and i mean that in the most homo way possible
Would be a great game lance, should do this instead of increasing international friendlys epl all stars(no particular bias to any club, just who i think would ...
I reckon the defenders goin '' what the fucks he just done!!''
Maybe being away from the glare of european media is doing him good
''60 years ago'', so what if it was the first 2 world cups that they won, should we just discount brazils, italys englands world cup wins aswell because they we...
That mexico team i saw beating the proverbial out of the yanks was one which i felt could be a serious contender for future world cups etc. this mexico team i...
Lying arse, you were cheddered up to them red eye balls barely focusing on the screen how do i know? so am i :)
Yes, because his broken english will compliment the lightening fast pace of the prem really well, actually i long for the day i hear 'errrrm' two thousand times...
I cant speak or understand spanish, but id rather these two, than jim beglin and andy townsend
Growth hormones make messi better than ronaldo? is that what your suggesting
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