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Scottie wrote in On his own wall
Was trying out new usernames on twitter - tempted by mcfcquadruple so many goals.
3 months ago
Oh s**t the silly captions is dead :(
5 months ago
Alvaro Aguero partnership. Good night :)
The groundsman is loving the play, the more they play on their toes the better
I was hoping for fergie? sorry it's over
Nowadays players have to jump over adverts
Almost sure, the dog would score more
Yeah we're defo on footytube captions after this one
Mesut Özil Mega Dazzles
It's one of those farts you boasted was coming
The wind will be mostly westerly
I make my cigarettes this size, Manu Hell Pele Greenie is much top bigga a man for name calling. We have, now, a proper manager x
8 months ago
Scottie updated their profile
Mario Shoulder Goal: A Place in Football History
When Jesus went up for the cross, it was a penalty, you would have scored the penalty, eh Balotelli?. Come stai?
Mario finishes reading his first book
Don't have a tantrum over a friendly game of thumb wars stumpy, i mean Mourinho.
This should be the last time his mum has a 4 megapixel camera
Feck me, i fell asleep on the beano!
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