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Schweine31 thought the Bayern München v Werder Bremen match was good
3 years ago
Because he scored 2-3 goals out of 10 100% pure goal scoring opportunities.
4 years ago
Pretty dumb logic considering bayern was leading in the tie and didn't have to shift out of second gear all match
Schweine31 updated their profile
LOL the "Brit" watching "soccer" HAHAHAHAHAH
Honestly, you're dumbfounding me how it's not a red. The rulebook says, the last defender that denies a clearcut scoring chance gets a red card. If it's a penal...
This is really true...was embarrassing to watch a "top" team like Arsenal not get out of their half once in the second half. City made a much better account of ...
They'll call Robben selfish for scoring a free kick and not letting someone else take it lol. Robben is da man!
Because your player make disgusting tackles that can end a players season.
I was so scared for Martinez. So happy he is ok!
Step 1: Watch the tackle again. Step 2: Put down the crack pipe.
Uhh awful? 2 out of the 5 were stopped, you can't ask him to save more than 50% of the penalties.
Great vid! What a truly wonderful season enjoyed!!
Jupp told Dante to make mistake to test or fighting spirit! :D
5 years ago
Eh, Rafael was miles away from the ball and I wouldn't call Luiz's physicality a clear foul...clear retaliation by Rafael. Wasn't the most horrendous challenge,...
Mia san mia, mia san meister! We've had an amazing domestic season, with some truly spectacular football at times. Time to celebrate tonight, back to the grin...
No Dante and no Martinez! There's your answer :P
Dante AND Martinez. Huge deal.
It was. You got lucky to get a gift of a goal and had 5 minutes of wind behind your sails but the truth is you were thoroughly dominated the whole match.
Somewhere on FootyTube
LOL @ Wilshere getting an 8. Just what exactly did he do other than be English? Walcott 7? You people are blind.
Anyone voting Bayern "lucky" is delusional. If you watched the game, it was Arsenal who was lucky not to be down 3 or maybe 4 nil at halftime. There was no luck...
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