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Santos is a better striker then Chamakh lol
6 years ago
I just read about how his wife wants to stay in London, could play a big part.
I can't help but feel that Liverpool would be in a better position in the table if Suarez had played more of the season
And thank you for that, I did not know and apologise
BTW Arsenal are trophyless for now 7 years while before the carling cup win Liverpool were sitting on 6, not too different are they?
Liverpool aren't one to talk about being trophyless. Carling cup was their first in 6 years but that seems minimal with the amount of money Liverpool spent this...
Cool story bro, have fun not being in any European competitions next year, not even europa ;)
Yep, also means that Liverpool fans or the one's who voted Liverpool as awesome think their team is beyond beating Chelsea anyway - An awesome Liverpool still l...
So an Average Chelsea can beat an awesome Liverpool? haha
Sometimes ugly football is what you need to grind out a game. Chelsea did that brilliantly.
I don't think it will be - more likely a Barcelona - Bayern or Madrid - Chelsea final. All Chelsea have to do to get through is defend and maybe get one goal.
Awesome game from Chelsea, so many goals to vote for lol
Spurs have fallen since that 5-2 defeat to the Gunners and the Gunners have risen since that 5-2 win. I'm loving it :D
We shouldn't "diss" time wasting? Are you kidding me? Krul ran 40 yards to confront Van Persie after the last minute goal because Van Persie said to him in dutc...
Cheers man!
This result wouldn't of been so bad if it wasn't at Old Trafford.
So close yet so far. Points to take away from this game though: Rosicky is probably one of the underated players in Arsenal and has been awesome lately. Van ...
Even if there was contact, why the hell was he clutching at his shin when Szczesny barely made contact with his foot.
I love watching Song play now, he's defensively solid but contributes to so many attacks from Arsenal.
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