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Few days ago, i saw united mentioned as "manure" on liverpool forum and the post was taken down after i had reported it. but later a mod said he didn't know why...
2 days ago
3 days ago
Tbh if he leaves, i'll still love him. my hate for real madrid will just grow and i dont really care whether they deserve it or not but i hated them since they ...
4 days ago
^ who is will?
5 days ago
Https:// i am still not giving up hope
He should def take the blame for not winning this match.
Two of the most stupidest subs i've ever seen. lvg is obviously a very talented manager, but he could make the dumbest moves ever at times.
Always good idea to give a sarcastic response? didn't know he was injured.
Oh my God we need to sell rvp. he is so freaking s**t now.
I am so mad at lvg. bitch give wison some mins or di maria some minutes. no, you bring on your love child rvp and balckett who's no where near the first team qu...
And that's what you get for stupid f*****g subs! lvg made us drop points in this match. the stupidest subs i've ever seen
Young teaching coquelin that it's not good to coq-block
Wtf young! what did he eat?
6 days ago
Did we just take off de gea?
Feel bad for falcao. i really hope he finds his form but i just dont think we should take the risk.
We should shoot more
Jones is trying to make de gea realize how it would be like if he left united
Loved jone's passion there. he headed the ball for giroud to mistime it.
Why does falcao keep slipping? i've seen him slip three times already. is he trying to pay gerrard a tribute?
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