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What if that what if doesn't happen
1 day ago
Didn't you have your ban uplifted for last season's transfer window during which you got suarez btw? it does seem like barcelona like to create rules as they se...
Not if they get transfer bans. But then again transfer bans don't really mean much, look at Barcelona.
2 days ago
We would've been really stupid to agree to a "buy" option for januzaj
Tbh he was pretty bad as a part of the two man midfield. he played way better in the second half in a more advanced role when he had schweinsteiger and carrick ...
1 week ago
I always liked chicharito and still think he can do a job for us. but tbh some of his comments last year when he was trying to suck up to real madrid fans came ...
So, finally we can actually say that we are back in champions league! YES!!!
I think this half shows what an effect schneiderlin had on our defense so far this season
I like fellaini
I mean they are pressing arsenal defenders well, that's true. but how do you make someone play out of the back? arsenal can hoof the ball out of their area sinc...
Do liverpool fans just like other liverpool fans' comments even tho it's dumb? lol 2 people liked his comment but no one says what incident they are talking abo...
^ what penalty?
It's like arsenal are trying to make themselves have a hard game. they are trying to pass the ball out of defensive areas giving it to liverpool time and time a...
Sterling has such a weird body posture. For some reason, it annoys the heck out of me.
In that case, you got no high ground to mock us for having one bad season 2 years ago when the team you started supporting after it became rich went through sea...
^ If that was the case, city fans wouldn't even know what sense of humor is after years of mediocrity. But oh I forgot most of you became city fans after 2008.
No thank you, we dont need your 18 million pounds and balotelli.
2 weeks ago
We are not the ones replying to posts on liverpool forum. you are the who is so upset that you can't help but reply to posts on our forum. maybe before you poin...
^ same applies to you then. we are just having a laugh here.
It's so funny to see how liverpool fans are excited about us missing out on pedro and otamendi while no one even finds it believable linking them to world class...
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