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Chelsea Vs. PSG
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
Https:// lmao
I understand fans' frustration, but saying "moyes's decision of bringing shitty players (i guess you are considering mata shitty too since you used plural form)...
^ do you know how ironic your comment sounds when you compare it to your original post? you kinda just made your original post seem stupid which it indeed is.
2 months ago
This guy is a troll, end of! just coz we were born after ferguson started managing united doesn't mean united's glory started from there. as a fan, you should k...
Fickle because i am supporting our manager? he may or may not be qualified enough to manage our team, but while the club is going through the roughest phase in ...
If we dont drop points tomorrow, i want you to get the f**k out. seems fair, right?
That hopefully someone wouldn't ask me about my reaction to it. And in case if someone did, I wish that person was in front of me so that I can show him exactly...
Sacking moyes would be the worst decision now, I am glad our board has people like Sir Alex, Sir Bobby, and David Gill in it. I am sure they would give him at l...
Best chances came to two of our shittiest players - young and cleverley
^ are you high?
Https:// imagine how much more enjoyable this would be when mata does this wearing united shirt!
Are you valencia in disguise coz you are annoying the hell out of me? loljk
3 months ago
You know anyone could edit wikipedia, right?
I think it's funny how you keep saying you aren't buying these Mata rumors but you keep posting about all these articles anyways haha. I get it why you are doin...
Sayrox updated his profile
Say what you want, it was fabio's red card that costed us the game. i agree we should've won the game by then but swansea barely offered any threat in the secon...
We have too many incosistent players. i say sell all those motherf**kers and play academy players if needed. at least when they are inconsistent, i could soothe...
You must believe in arsenal a lot since you put your money twice on them
I hope its ends up being a draw
^ stop being jerks guys. i know you guys are joking or whatever. but i am sure if he was joking in the same manner, many people over here would've been mad whic...
4 months ago
^ good observation, he was indeed among the players in EPL last season.
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