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Hahahahahaahahahaa Dude, I'm a doctor(about to take my master in psychology). And diet is exactly the first treatment to control diabetic. There're two type o...
2 hours ago
Hey dude, I have a weird request. Is it possible to delete a post from my comment wall? I got into an argument with someone, but then I realized arguing with hi...
7 hours ago
Not really, whoscored had us drawing the newcastle match
23 hours ago
Hahahahahaahahahaa dude,i'm a doctor(about to take my master in psychology).and diet is exactly the first treatment to control diabetic.there're two type of su...
1 day ago
You, sir, are so clueless that I am legit wasting my time arguing with you. First of all, I am only half of a semester away to be a health care professional. So...
Your analogy is even taking sugar) is the 1st treatment to control diabetic.and "weird formations, strikers underperforming, unexciting football"...
It was really unfortunate for him coz apart from that, he actually had a great game
2 days ago
@ERFANERi that's exactly what i am thinking. i thought fellaini had a good game. but it's like no matter whatever he does, fans will never like him. felt so ba...
That was a ridiculous analogy. First of all, sugar is scientifically proven to harm a diabetic patient. How can you be so certain that LVG is so bad that we ris...
^ are you serious? this is prob one of the best games i have seen from him ball controlling wise
I know there are many fellaini haters here but he's having a good game out there
What the f**k was young waiting for?
Again rooney scored 227 goals in the process of winning all those titles. if anyone is hopeless here, it's you who is cherrypicking to prove his absurd point th...
I'm going to tell you a story about 2 best friend A & B are two best friends.B has been diagnose having a the doctors prohibited him from taking su...
Stop calling us slowpokes when you just suck at conveying sarcasm. lemme give you an example of sarcasm by using your analogy of rooney is better than falcao to...
@Lutheaven - wait! are you telling me moyes is the reason we got the adidas sponsorship? you must be joking dude.
3 days ago
Lvg is way better manager than moyes ever was, is, and ever will be
We actually played well against all the top teams. the only games i can remember we didn't play well in were against arsenal away and southampton away. i know p...
4 days ago
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