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Lukaku's chance was not an easy one. it was from a difficult angle. he could've probably passed the ball, i think herrera was completely free in the box but you...
2 days ago
Super happy with the win. you can't have a 3-0 or 4-0 scoreline every game and southampton away is never an easy place to go. don't know why mourinho got sent o...
How the f**k do you miss the target from there with so much time and space?
Wtf is going on? we can't keep the ball for two seconds. stop hitting long balls when there's no one up there on the field.
Defence let us down today. both jones and bailly have been poor.
2 weeks ago
Yea lets take more short corners cause you know they lead to so many chances....
We are giving possession away so carelessly. second half has been horrible so far.
@Tomikato - how was i supposed to reply to AgueroCity without "name calling" him, that doesn't make any sense. mentioning bazinga wasn't the best move i agree. ...
AgueroCity - you support city! you support f*****g man city who were in championship just 15 years ago. without you guys spending crazy amount of money, you wou...
3 weeks ago
That user is always so bitter that i actually feel sorry for him. i pity that he has to live with himself feeling that way all the time.
4 weeks ago
And he shut you up edit: yea hate a player who plays for your team and seems to produce more often than not, yea makes complete sense
1 month ago
Yes fellaini!!! shut the haters up
I haven't been impressed with blind so far this season at all. i like blind but i think he has been the weakest link in these three matches this season so far.
This is what you should get from a corner. i dont understand how the f**k we let blind take corners when we have mkhitaryan in our team
Why are the commentators sucking off maguire so much?
Pogba is sometimes so careless in possession.
Mkhitaryan got assists from taking corners in his dortmund days.
It should be illegal for blind to cross the ball whether in corner or open play. he is f*****g horrible.
Because I said someone looks like an Asian lesbian to poke fun at his hair style, I can't judge you for valuing sex as the parameter of one's worth? I hope you ...
^ yea cause that's how we measure a person's worth? says a lot about the type of person you are.
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