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Probably the worst penalty shootout ive ever seen. what the f**k was up with lindelof. it seemed like he didn't even try.
1 day ago
Mctominay has been very impressive
What a f*****g run by martial
I like it
3 days ago
It's just preseason. even liverpool won a trophy.
I think they will improve consistency if they get the chance to play up top consistently which they almost never do. when rashford did get chances after ibra go...
6 days ago
This venezuelan guy who is commentating on espn infuriates the f**k out of me. bitter piece of s**t.
1 week ago
I wanted fabino over matic tbh. but if mourinho wants him, then i hope we get him. guy won two league titles in three seasons while being a key player in both t...
@Bazinga - sorry for the late response but even forgot that i wrote on this page. when i said "it was alright," i meant it was alright for you chelsea and city ...
If stones is worth 50 million, then pogba is definitely worth double that if not more. it's funny to see how city and chelsea fans have become the treasurers fo...
2 weeks ago
^ arsenal at home, spurs at home, city at home even though we lost that match. we do gotta improve our performance against big teams away from home though.
Did anyone watch the video that chelsea did for presentation of rudiger? cringeworthy as f**k
^ your post is so full of generalizations that i stopped reading it halfway through. with all due respect, i don't care what you or any other rival fan supposed...
Couldn't give a rat's ass about the price tag. we have the money and i would rather have it spent on making the team better than going into owner's pocket.
So happy we are about to sign lukaku. i know it's hard not to get frustrated at lack of transfers but people should be patient. transfer window has only been op...
Or it might just have to do with this -
1 month ago
We had signings of big names every summer after moyes, that didn't take us anywhere in the league. Last season, Chelsea's summer signings on paper didn't look t...
I only watched highlights but rooney looked horrible. it's sad to think that he is younger than ronaldo.
Just my opinion but i think chelsea will get found out next season. it will be like how ancelotti's era at chelsea ended. and hopefully this will keep wenger at...
"United have won more trophies this season than Liverpool in ten years."
2 months ago
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7 months ago
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Chelsea Vs. PSG
3 years ago
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