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If he rejects city, doesn't that kinda show his lack of ambition? i understand fans expect players to be "loyal" and stuff. but it's their job nonetheless. i am...
2 hours ago
I also don't understand how higuain was picked over tevez in almost every instance.
7 hours ago
Higuain should never ever EVER play for argentina again
8 hours ago
I remember Thiago saying United never contacted him. I don't know if that was a true quote or not.
1 week ago
He was the best player on the pitch for argentina today. messi had a horrible match. he kinda seemed like he wasn't too interested.
2 weeks ago
The post match shenanigans of the brazil-columbia match made me laugh so hard. the way that columbian player reacted to being hit by the ball when neymar shot ...
In the first half, messi was the best performer. but yea, pastore was probably the best one in the second half. but i don't think anyone was really that great. ...
It's like dealing with the popular kids in high school all over again....
^ nope you are wrong. It wasn't a cold, wet night.
3 weeks ago
Argentina were great in 1st half but in second half, Paraguay edged it. But overall, Argentina's play in the final third wasn't clinical enough which is absurd ...
I dont remember nani doing it either though
Di maria just won a penalty for argentina against paraguay
^ he is going to Liverpool?
Sanchez, even though a great player, is nowhere close to suarez. suarez has easily been the third best player in the world in past two seasons (including this o...
4 weeks ago
Man i am glad liverpool sold suarez and i am also glad he didnt go to arsenal. he would've definitely won arsenal titles. i mean if he could almost do that with...
I don't mind doing that as long as this guy stops talking. He is like that annoying girl who keeps calling you even tho you keep telling her you are not intere...
1 month ago
Dude, you seriously got lot of time in your hand to waste time on this even tho you are not bothered by it lol. sorry, i am intimidated by your internet balls. ...
"Ya nice 'joke' coverup . Just f**k off !!!" ;) "Ha no need to get offended its just a joke." I even added the wink.
^ Huh? You are okay there?
I find it ironic how one gets too sensitive about someone being overly sensitive. Well anyways, it was just a joke.
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