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But...but this is a football website
Nah three goals won it
3 weeks ago
Rashford isn't half the player martial is.
1 month ago
@Pioneercolonel - yea that's why we lost to city the same season with a scoreline of 1-6....
I know but he still makes too many stupid mistakes for a top goalkeeper
2 months ago
Lloris is such an idiot. it's an insult to de gea when spurs fans compare DDG to him.
SAF Aberdeen rant: imagine if mou had a rant like this, media will go crazy. i get that we haven't been ruthless la...
3 months ago
I trust in mou and hopefully the club will stick with him. getting a new manager every now and then doesn't change s**t. and i am confident mou will win us a le...
What carragher did is disgusting. but the way he is getting grilled at the interviews, it's like he murdered somebody. as i read somewhere on the internet - "It...
Does anyone else think bailly faked the injury so that he would get less blame for that ridiculous own goal lol i was so mad at him.
Such a useless lummox
That useless lummox has already scored 21 goals. i understand when people complain about obvious or even dubious things. but lukaku has been one of our better p...
^ lmao, never seen such a proper rebuttal before
4 months ago
Yea quadruple, my ass.
I think the second one was a penalty as well. The pundit on nbc was saying how van dijk didn’t know lamela was coming. Wtf cares if he didn’t know lamela wa...
Great result for us!
@Yaldho - i dont think he wanted to go to arsenal either tbh lol
^ okay so how much did you pay for aubameyang with his 180,000 pound per week contract or do you still say you got him for 59 million pounds? since when we star...
Mkhitaryan was a great player in some games for us as well. it was his consistency that was the problem. but nonetheless, i actually want him to do well, of cou...
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Https:// i will miss mkhi. his goodbye letter really felt heartfelt to me. i know circumstances are different for both players;...
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Chelsea Vs. PSG
4 years ago
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