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Lmao pepe really should be an actor
3 days ago
Https:// it's like parents having their first kid and they get so excited that they try to capture every moment of it. i ...
Wow a random person who has or never will have any influence on the sport of football at any noticeable degree doesn't give enough s**t to hate one of the world...
^ well you basically did the same thing
4 days ago
Https:// sick video. cant wait
1 week ago
It makes me sad to see him go. Good luck to him and hope he enjoys his retirement.
Spanish matches seem more about who can foul and complain more about the ref than actually playing footbal
Yea that playing Ashley young as striker just made me lose it. I wonder how he comes up with s**t like that. I like lvg and I think he is a great tactician whic...
Lvg and his stupid tactics. playing young centrally? where the f**k does he come with these bullshit. had enough of this muppet. get rid
It's like we wanna pass the ball into the back of the net. shoot ffs
Playing young in central position again... why the f**k lvg does these things?
Carrick has been poor
Blind has the worst corner delivery i've ever seen
@LyberBird - well gtfo here if you dont care about what final we are at
@Gohonaf - they didnt win s**t with brenda. it was dalglish they won the carling cup with.
Wtf is wrong with liverpool players moving the camera away? dont f*****g play professional football if you dont want to be shown on tv
David de gea should slap the f**k out of smalling
2 weeks ago
^ they got relegated the same season actually
Well if we didn't bottle it against west ham, a win against Bournemouth would've been enough for fourth place - so no matter wherever we lost it, the most recen...
We shouldn't really talk about others bottling it. Super pissed about the west ham game now.
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Chelsea Vs. PSG
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