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Red bulls play in new jersey....
2 days ago
I am from new york city. many of my frds are supporting NYC FC and it saddens me that i can't ever support them as long as they are affiliated with man city.
"Jones was the dirtiest player on the pitch that day, over Skrtel and Gerard." - the most absurd statement ever
5 days ago
Idk about 4-0 but 3-0 could've definitely been possible if di maria's pass had found rooney when we were 2 goals up
1 week ago
No, luth would only be happy if we dont make it top 4 and lvg is fired. i am actually just paraphrasing his own words.
I didnt see much of balotelli this season, but he seems like a player that should be given more chances despite his poor scoring record for you guys. i know stu...
"Rooney missed the Penalty but guess it doesn't MATA"
Nope didn't even feel an ounce of anything even remotely related to "sorry" for gerrard or for anyone associated with liverpool, for that matter.
^ thanks for being a good sport!
^ i think di maria really thought he was out of the field and ref took that into consideration. coz otherwise, why would he feel the need to throw the ball when...
Haha @ slippy red card gerrard
And f**k off liverpool
F**k off skrtle
We gotta making stupid fouls! someone f*****g send the memo to valencia and fellaini
Also gotta add that gerrard deserved to get sent off.
Remember last season, vidic was sent off for sturridge's diving and liverpool got a penalty at old trafford. well, isn't karma a bitch!
I f*****g LOVE MATA
It's funny how their own captain fantastic just f****d them over haha
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