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Carrick can play cb
3 weeks ago
Both bookings are for utter stupid acts
Smalling is so f*****g dumb
City are 1 goal behind. i actually want city to equalize so that the game goes into extra time and then they lose on penalties.
4 weeks ago
Joey has a point. it's the teams that are usually considered "top" teams but don't win anything usually get the second pick. arsenal is the team that gets menti...
1 month ago
Etihad, i like how the seats look
^ you are weird
2 months ago
I am at barcelona for vacation. i was at the stadium today for the game. amazing environment!
Alright mate ive started a new Facebook group for proven United supporters only its called UNITED ONLY your welcome anytime mate,greetings Patrick aka redsince6...
3 months ago
Well apparently you were excited enough to come here and let us know that, so yep i am excited
^ i guess you just got born last year then
4 months ago
I agree Argentina had the easiest route and they haven't played to their potential. But in each of the game, they were just slightly better than their opponents...
Won two league titles and one copa del rey, couldn't have done everything incorrect lol
I don't know what you mean by 'there is no excuse for screwing up a penalty' coz if everyone scores penalties all the time, then a game would never finish. Obvi...
"Also,how about selecting players who actually know how to score a simple penalty, instead of worrying about the keeper?" Well by worrying about the keeper, yo...
Saw the second half only. Since lukaku came on, it seemed like Belgium' tactic was to hoof the ball up and hope either fellaini or lukaku gets it.
Probably coz he bit your ears off
5 months ago
^ I think he meant the ones who wore #7, other than Owen and Valencia I suppose
6 months ago
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Chelsea Vs. PSG
7 months ago
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