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Https:// i love how he goes "bend it like beckham" at a man city event but i doubt he is even aware of the rivalry between u...
1 week ago
We deserve to lose, we are so s**t that it's unbearable. eveyone needs an ass whooping, especially lvg.
Lingard's crosses are so bad
What language is this ^?
2 weeks ago
Apparently we are s**t but we are only 7 points away from the top spot. now i am not getting my hopes up or nothing. but it shows you how all the top teams have...
Its actually 5 if you count the preseason match in usa like lvg always does haha
Nothing feels better than beating liverpool and shutting up their cocky fans
@Lutheaven - no clue what you said, but tbh most of the times what you say doesn't make any sense. you still want moyes back btw? the great moyes who got sacked...
3 weeks ago
Lingard mata memphis ----------martial i wish we gave this formation at the end of the pitch a go for once. i think mata can be devastating from the m...
The commentators can't seem to stop kissing rooney's ass. i don't think he had a bad game but he hasn't been anything spectacular just like everyone else. i can...
Haven't seen us play in a while due to work and stuff and i don't like watching highlights when we lose. so, i don't really know what changed and why we are con...
1 month ago
Whoever wants to play fifa on ps4, add me! bd-ctg
2 months ago
We just can't hit the freaking target
Since I as an American don't share the blame for destroying countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, then I as a Muslim refuse to share the blame for what ISIS does...
He is only active when we are doing poor and then disappears when we are doing well. he is more of a troll than an united fan and his dp just proves that.
There's a certain someone claiming to be an united fan who still thinks moyes is a better manager than lvg lol
The result was not horrible, but the performance was. at least that's what i think.
3 months ago
Draw at crystal palace is not too bad of a result. it's the performance that is scaring me (and everyone else i assume). but i think we have a perfect game comi...
I guess van gaal's balls went into his body when it came to dropping rooney
He did make bold decisions, renewed almost the entire squad. sold rvp who people thought is his love child or something. di maria was constantly benched even th...
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