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That yacob guy is a c**t
1 day ago
I will honestly pay not to see valencia play. that's how shitty he is.
What happened to the young-blind combination play? young just seems to ignore blind's runs now.
Why, like seriously why does lvg keep playing valencia and doesn't give rafael a single shot?
^ Being a great player doesn't necessarily mean being a great pundit though. Henry is still going on on his Twitter about how he was right about having a go at ...
1 week ago
The best part is - "that's good.........that you are interested"
Not true. you could still vote for balotelli.
And liverpool are out! tbh they were very lucky to get to semi final. the only hard match they actually had was against crystal palace. other than that they pla...
2 weeks ago
@Bazinga - robbie savage, yes robbie f*****g savage is the one who said he doesn't think it's a foul. phil neville actually said "i can understand why LVG is up...
Don't know about this match. but other than couple of early season matches, falcao has been absolutely s**t. his hold up play sucks, his movement sucks, his sho...
Didn't get to watch the match. was it a foul on falcao leading to chelsea's goal?
This is from last season - Respect ...
I really hope klopp doesn't go to city but it seems likely sadly.
So just to understand the rule, it's okay to call our club "scum united" or label our club as "scums" but it's not okay to call us the fans "scums"?
^ well if you did that, the comment wasn't meant for you anyways.
He is really active on the facebook group
Woah woah everyone calm down. i've seen words like "scum" thrown out on every single forum a lot. and tbh the term "manure" seems a lot more offending to me tha...
Some liverpool fans couldnt stop talking about our offside goal yesterday, newcastle were just denied a clear penalty against them. at the end of the day, mista...
^ which further proves the point
Yea i would love to see both city and liverpool not getting champions league
3 weeks ago
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3 months ago
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Chelsea Vs. PSG
1 year ago
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