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^ but the thing is tho you are never quiet
1 hour ago
No I don't realize that you are a man united fan. And if hoping that your current manager with your favorite team does well (even if you think he is not the rig...
1 day ago
Lol idk where in bumblefuck you are from. But here in USA, you can't just be a pharmacist by opening up a pharmacy. Your 'medical graduates' ask me for my recom...
Assuming you must have to be on a lot of medications, i wanna say yes. maybe my six years of pharmacy education will help me bring you back to saneness.
If we go down to their level, we will comment on their post saying how we are not trying to bite or how they are trolling or s**t like that. And then post on ou...
2 days ago
Sunderland just gained a fan
@Spigy - what the f**k are you calling a waterhole? even without champions league, we have a shot at getting your best player. if we are a waterhole, then you g...
2 weeks ago
Https:// this is so sweet
^ you are slow.....
I don't think anyone is saying Barcelona should come out and say that messi is guilty. But if you don't think that hashtag is cringeworthy, well obviously you a...
Trolling? you seem to be confused about its definition. i forgot you won the knocking man united out of europa trophy, even though we did the league double on y...
That was probably the worst comeback ever. try harder next time. and just to show you are talking out of your ass, you guys finished 7th even under klopp (from ...
^ i dont blame him, after all suarez is one of their club icons
Liverpool know that klopp is too good for their club. They extended his contract just after 9 months into his initial contract even though they finished 8th in ...
I think the money and effort spent on pogba will only be worth it if he stays at our club until he is past his best. but from his past actions, i doubt that wil...
For a moment, i thought i was on liverpool forum. calm your tits folks, welsh xavi has done nothing wrong and i hope he stays at your club until he retires.
Tbh I am open to see what this leads to. Obviously as an Argentina fan, I love messi and I do think he gets an unfair share of the criticism. But people who say...
4 weeks ago
^ tbh higuain is perfect for arsenal. it's like a match made in heaven, or in this case a bottle shop
Okay that's it, i am not watching any more finals that argentina are involved in. f*****g bottlers, all of them.
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