Savio disappointed by arsenal's performance!!!
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6 years ago
Come may and u;ll see the difference.....hahahaha la liga fans waiting for a chance to attact epl.....get over it...its the most watch league in the world....en...
I understand wot u mean....but i can;t tolerate that i said we fight fire with fire...anyway we won...soo all wot those Bostonians did....wasn;t good...
We won......and we fight fire with messing around ....if they disrespect us ,.,,we will fcuk them up and thats wot we did...!!!
Go take a break then....y u watching?
Hahahaha thats a class quote...
Yes we support arsenal u got a prb with that???....btw what is napoli in front of arsenal....dont come up with silly comment to show ur lack of knowledge...iron...
For some reason his face looks like a raped slut always.....cant do much they just love cheating....lets see how long they can keep cheating....for sure it wont...
Coz those barca pigs know very well they cant win without referees help and diving and kicking ....useless
Who doesnt hate them ??lol
Not like that ....he went to city bcoz the wage was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher....thats a fact...
"not arsenal" like you noe anything about arsenal
I think real wasted too many chances .....they deserved to win
Umm for ur info freak u beat arsenal at camp nou with 12 player including the ref and at emirates we made barca keel on their feet.. so dnt start ur non sense c...
7 years ago
A good like barca dnt need to cheat like this...i dnt get it....sad for real they dint deserve this result...well done to messi good goals but then agn i dnt th...
Thats the biggest bullshit ive ever heard man utd can beat u easily they r faster just like arsenal ...but hey retard lets see if u even get through the semis
Spurs/arsenal was a classic got to admit spurs have a team with really stong will...but the game was full of action rather than drama like this so called "el cl...
Hahahah those fools ahhhhhh pathetic ...gunners4life
Cheers bruv im a tottenham hata tottenham i love to hate ya
Coz he raped the s**t out of spuds!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA pathetic fans you ppl seriously go get a life
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