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4 years ago
Sasidhar nominated W. Rooney (8') for Goal of the Week
It wasn't a derby - it's Manchester vs Liverpool.
Actually, it was the surprise factor more than anything else. Not to take anything away from that *ridiculous* goal but if the goalie had been a few feet back,...
That pass by Xavi for the last goal - perfectly weighted stab which took the ball between two defenders. Awesome.
This wasn't brave it was just plain stupid.
Woeful defending by City. First goal should have been saved. Second, the defender fell asleep and the goalie didn't come out. Only the Robben goal was okay. ...
To everyone accusing Neymar of diving, Neymar got past two players before he was fouled and brought down. BTW look at the replay, he didn't oversell it - he si...
Alexis is like a lesser Iniesta - Alexis has an excellent work rate, great ball control, and nice intuition. Unfortunately, he isn't good enough to take over I...
5 years ago
I think he vowed that he would dye his hair blond if Barca beat Milan.
@Moebius You're right. The goalie was unsighted - it should have been given offside. However, I doubt he would have saved it given how well Messi struck the...
'defy' not 'define'. Ray Hudson rocks!
Ryan Dickinson - talk about living up to your name. Firstly, we invented the game and we called it soccer. Americans just got it from us. And, I don't unders...
I agree that we should punish diving but we should also punish thuggery. I'm no more a fan of Busquets and Pedro than I am of Pepe and Ramos. Pepe is the wors...
6 years ago
I thought Osasuna played a really great first half but Benzema and Ronaldo had some absolutely fantastic strikes. Real has found two match winners in Benzema a...
What a goal by Ronaldo?!! I would give it goal of the week but I liked RVP's better. Also, Pepe and Ramos need to be put down - they are thugs masquerading as...
What a goal by RVP?!! And, a great shot of it by the cameraman as well!
Fabregas's goal was entirely made by Messi - he didn't even have to touch the ball until the goal.
You know what sucks - that you can't nominate more than one goal per match as goal of the week. Aguero's goal was pure class - reminded me of Ronaldinho's goal...
Ok a few things: 1) That was a sick goal from Boateng - what a second touch!! 2) Sick assist from Messi - that pass went through a needle sized gap taking ou...
I have been watching football for 15 years now - I don't really care to compare Messi to the greats but I must say that I have never watched any player deliver ...
"every single time.... Real Madrid have had a man sent off. " Unless you are saying Barca has deeper pockets than the richest club in the world, this argument ...
7 years ago
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