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^bazinga: i rate lukaku and morata equal so i put to some extent
I will take Lukaku as well. From what I see Aubameyang' misses even more chances than Lukakau. Also I think Lukakau will be better against defensive sides which...
2 days ago
I understand the situation where KDB, Lukakau and Sturridge had to be sold. How and why the fukkk did we buy Filipe Luis, keep him on the bench for a year and s...
1 week ago
Lol they are not even leaving Messi to China.
LOL do you even know Costa tried to go to Athletico last season itself and will go to Athletico next season when the ban on Athletico is over. Remember Costa w...
Football is a team sports. France have a great squad but I have hardly seen them play as good as Spain or Germany. Great squads dont always translate into a gre...
May be Cote is not giving a damn about Costa cuz he is getting Sanchez, another goal scorer not just Lukaku. Hoping is free of cost. Lol
Rodriguez is a great goal scorer and a creative player as well so i wii be happy if we sign him. But I dont know where Conte fits him. May be try him as a winge...
I think you guys need to sign one more striker in addition to Morata to challenge For the title. I have no doubt on your mid, defense and goal keeper.
@HITS1: that's my point. Willian doesnt score enough goals for us but Hazard does. My point is United dont have enough goals in their squad which was the major ...
Where are the goals for ManUnited coming from? This attack will be hardly any better than it was last season. Looks like City will have a better squad than Uni...
Attacking wise on paper looks like Man United are not going to be any better than they were last season. Morata is not better than old Zalatan and Perisic is ha...
It's just a case of cjayzz not understanding the role of Benzema in this Real Madrid side. He is not asked to bang in goals.
I will be happy if we bring back tarore and christensen and buy sandro, bakayoko and lukaku like Bazinga has mentioned. I doubt we can bring Verrati or Naingola...
When it comes to signing no one is better than Jose.
2 weeks ago
Without Casemiro Real would leak more goals. They wont be as balanced and solid as they are right now. Real Madrid should go for Mbappe and slowly phase out Be...
Regarding our board at least first let the transfer period end before pointing out any finger in them. I am sure we wont repeat the same mistake of not signing ...
A great manager should be able to build a strong squad even without getting all his first choice players. And in this case, it's not even like Morata is head to...
To be honest, messi and ronaldo are the only two players who dont miss that many chances. Take any world class striker: suarez, lewandowski, aubameyang, zalatan...
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