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Sooo after waitign for what seemed like forever to get a match on tv... why or why did it have to be this one??!!! first little bit of it was alright... even...
7 years ago
Ok.. now i am super psyched.... this sunday i can actually watch fiorentina on tv!!!!!!!!!!!! true they play ac.. but at least i'll get to see it..... btw- th...
Thanks guys!!!! :) yeah,.. i know & am greatful for those links you sent me! its just really hard to wath a match online at the hours its happening live with...
Gosh.. its been forever since i last logged on this site! even forgot my password!!! stupid fox soccer is not putting any Fiorentina matches on tv.... so am...
Merry x-mas Sandra
Happy Christmas Sandra!!!
That sucks!!!! hope its not too bad... of an injury.... checking out all the yellows today it must have been a fiesty match... wish i had gotten to see it! ...
Yep.. you got it... that's who i meant.. :) top 10 would make me happy... concerning how the season started... for sure!
It truly was a good game.... they did a great job.. all around... defending, goal keeping, ball possesion, shots on goal... happy i got to see it too!
When you commented on fiorentina's wall, saw it & sent a request.. nothing too complicated or sinister..... :)
Great game sunday for the viola.... btw- when my brother sees their jerseys on tv he thinks they are blue!!??? then i point out to him that it says fiorentin...
Was a pretty good game... boruc made some huge saves!!!!! hope that his shoulder is alright.... was horrible to see gila first being carried off early in the f...
Yeah.. i agree guys.. game was disappointing..... should have had a goal..... but they didn't... no luck.... why didn't they play santana from the start??...
Ok. that's kinda what i thought... about all of it... as always there is plenty of intellectual banter all around!!! look forward to the game the 20th......
Also the site has a little graphics thing that tells you when players go out/are subbed.. mutu apparently left 41' .... like this site.... will have to mark ...
Ok..found an article online at says But, there were some plaintive moans after the game as Adrian Mutu fell victim to what seemed like a groin st...
Wth??? what's a 'man card'??? maybe i wanna lose it... ???? & yeah i guess some chicks really like tattoos... just wondered if there was some soccer explainati...
Hey, thanks for the invite, it's much appreciated!! but i was wondering, why did You invite my in the first place?:P
Ahh. since i didn't remember to watch it... & now i just looked at the videos... did mutu not play or ws he subbed by then???? just wondering... i'll try to ...
Was really bummed again(how many times has this been now??) to find out that frey ws hurt & out for a long time (serious injury) when i watched the game (not th...
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