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Im so sick of German dailymotion dominating every single match
6 years ago
Haha Prost!!
That was the most intense, unbelievable suprise of a football match. Full congratulations to Chelsea. Barcelona, you're possibly the finest european football te...
Thanks a whole bunch mate!
Oh sorry football seer Isenblud. I bow before your awesomeness... Chill douche
Haha yeah. Also rooney trips over the keeper in his excitement haha
Im not sure whether Valencia wanted to blast a cross in or shoot however, that man is a beast at the moment!
Haha that game would have been sensational to watch live. Real Madrid carazzy lucky, hala Madrid though
Lol Sparker!
Chelsea seemed to be in complete control most of the game. Weird how they still maintain such a high line (luiz) and get punished by it so often
Chiill Gray1
7 years ago
Seriously, yes Barcelona are a great team but the theatrics are plain embarassing to watch and you barcelona fans wonder why you get so much flak? Yes, yes, you...
How the Hell can the ref assistant call that from his position. Whatever happened to benefit of doubt?
Wow, what a BS win by Chelsea. Cant believe they got those decisions
Chill there mate. Statement of fact. Dont really give a crap whether your right or wrong
Yeah AC has more titles but lets live in the present rather than past. Man Utd's team this year has defied critics, something that is respected. As for AC, Ho h...
And alves, and ramos. No one isnt guilty bah
Could not agree more Chico4. Its embarassing, They're both quality teams but to see about 15 players buzzing around the ref at every whistle is pathetic
Taking nothing away from the obvious quality of both sides, the theatrics that BOTH teams display is such a crying shame for La Liga. Seriously, Busquet, Pedro ...
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