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5 years ago
Haha i was in san diego, ca for the new years weekend, tried to take in as much of the nightlife as possible and then went to see a bunch of house music produce...
6 years ago
It would be even more awesome if you could buy the replica jersey with your photo on there, maybe you can idk
Hey, sorry its a little late, but merry Christmas to you and happy new year! hope you had an awesome time!!! what were you up to for new years eve? hope life ha...
Happy Holidays man, hope you and your loved ones had a blast over the holidays and have an awesome new year's eve and happy 2012! ( the apocalyptic year? ) make...
Hahahahahaha!!! brilliant
Http:// i thought this was a cool little idea
Im in school for engineering, not english, sorry!!! haha.
Probably one of the best games ive seen this season out of any league, sadly i was in class so i had to make sure the professor didnt catch me so i never got to...
Pointing out the obvious here but WOW, varas was an absolute beast!!! and to top it off, saving a messi pk. can any one tell me why there hasnt been any interes...
So many misses by both teams, coulve shouldve been a high scoring game, the US is definitely lacking a quality striker, agudelo and altidore are like emile hesk...
Overrated? made it to the final 4 back in '02 world cup, 2008 euros also made it to the final 4, not saying they're in the caliber of teams like germany, spain ...
Borrusia dominated the stats, wonder what happened other than the obvious mistakes. hope marseille can actually make an impact this season in the UCL
I meant they're not up to date with the transfers, i usually follow the epl most so i do the official epl fantasy thing.
Negredo's a good pick. It started Aug 24. having a Dreamfooty team makes the games even more fun to watch :D
Haha yeaaa they also assume im either mexican, spanish or most of the time, italian. which i guess sometimes is good thing, i like to go with it haha. yeaa ki...
It doesn't look up to date, but i'll make one anyway, just to beat you :D
Why didn't you make a dreamfooty team? You still can, even though you'll be alot of points behind.
Yeah dad is iraqi and mum is turkish. hahah bromance is a good way to put it. ohhh no thank God i get no racism, then again i don't think they realize im middle...
Sad but true, same went for my home nation before it got invaded but, sadly, now its in an even worse state than before. whats worse is that apparently we're th...
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