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Luiz is over playing this.. I hate it when players do this. Trying to trick the ref into booking opposition players is just bad.
1 day ago
Mehn... I think azpi is on drugs... Dude is chasing everything on the pitch!!!! Not the most talented but what a massive heart he has...
Ramires!!!!!! Meh... Lord please bless him with a tiny bit of football brain
90% of you people will come back here after the game to hail the tactical brilliance of Mou and the team. This line up is the most logical, considering that La...
Honestly, the quality of our strikers is just a let down for the whole team. Even eto who is our best striker shouldn't be starting for us if we had a decent st...
4 days ago
If we get past Atletico, I would realy want to meet this madrid side. They are not all that great, fast paced and good attack options but against a well structu...
1 week ago
Over the last few years, torres has always had a difficult season at chelsea but he always had at least one MAJOR and MAGICAL moment in a season. 1 - The last ...
=========================================== MY THOUGHTS ON THE COURTOIS DEAL WITH ATHLETICO =========================================== I for one try not to co...
It is actually fans like you who make football discussion on this forum distasteful. Why the need to be rude in your response? Cant you express your point witho...
I dont get your point sir, UEFA should not allow clubs to be intelligent in drafting their contracts? I personally see this as a credit to our technical directo...
2 weeks ago
I know we have played well and we have been unlucky but jeez, Luiz lacks composure!!! He keeps giving the ball away and making silly tackles. Come on!!!!!!!!!!...
Lol. actually 3 minutes after drogba but still, its worthy of note.
Please, let no one ever compare torres with eto, ever.. Either when he was at his prime or even now. A half fit eto offers us so much play possibilities and op...
Saw this comment on goal. "Imagine Marriner taking charge off South Korea vs Japan". Lol.. where all the players literally look alike.
In as much as it shows a great deal of commitment and desire to play, it is in some sense sheer stupidity and a risk to him. Dont get me wrong, I love hazard b...
For al the hate eto gets , torres is not up to his level at all.. How many times does he lose the ball while trying to control or run? Its a mystery for me, ho...
Wow. I honestly wasn't expecting hull to win this game but oh my God, they have been poor beyond belief. For a team playing 11 vs 10, they were terrible. This ...
Bro you are missing the point, I am not saying pardew should not be punished; however, why cant the player be punished also? So, if a player slaps a manager an...
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