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I love the word "coward". That is exactly what it is.
1 week ago
@Bazinga: I agree with you that these things go in cycles. It must be agreed that oscar has dragged on for too long though, I still feel like he has never reach...
2 weeks ago
@Talk2luqman: Bro where have u been man. Its been ages, hope all is well.
@Blazzedlord: Lol, if you notice i put his name in quotes.. I just added him as a wildcard option. Lol, even though he doesnt have flair, he isnt really calm or...
I politely disagree about them been mentally weak, in my opinion it is a case of wrong personnel for the wrong job. In the past we had old, physical, matured a...
@Theo: Why not? Are they less special than Pique, Boateng, Mascherano or any other defender who plays in fluid teams, it all boils down to the way the coaches s...
"@Dawich, @Kaiba, @Liq: Note that we had a week to prepare for this game unlike PSG that played on saturday. Please Quote me today, at the end of the return leg...
@Najia: Apologies bro.. Lol. It is indeed a great disservice.
3 weeks ago
I remember when there were rumours that Real Madrid wanted Ashley Young.. That was when Jaunde Ramos was coach of RM, Lol. I dont even know how the guy is a pro...
Honestly, I don't see this united as an improvement over that of Moyes. I dare say this is the worst united I have seen in a really long time. All they do now ...
@Liq- Just to drop my opinion here, When we were linked with Cuadrado, I said categorically that I dont rate him at all and that I felt we should keep that mone...
1 month ago
Almost thought someone else had commented using my account, only to see its Sam13 not my own sam. Lol. Jokes aside, I have decided to move on from this topic, ...
No, you dont dare complain brov.. They said we should be grateful for what we have. Lol. To think I left alot of codes to watch the match, now I am so pissed I...
@Dawich, @Kaiba, @Liq: Note that we had a week to prepare for this game unlike PSG that played on saturday. Please Quote me today, at the end of the return le...
@Ethio - nice to see some poeple are not just on the Mou bandwagon not to be to critic a team performance when it is bad. @Bazinga: You missed my point totally...
Seriously please tell me what I am missing here, are you guys honestly satisfied with the way we played?? I mean, man-to-man we are a match with them, yet we d...
We were so poor tonight, its beyond belief. And please dont give me that talk about it been a good result. Thats not the point, we are an european force, we de...
Well thats what you get when all you do is sit back!!!. Cahill or not, the pressure had been building up.
@Liq: I say alot of it, you probably miss it cos you are looking for the negative ones. Lol.
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