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Dude.. that comment was made as a friendly joke and also, on a side note, I am a programmer, not a sport man, we are like wine, we get better as we age. :) On ...
2 days ago
Lol.. Watching drogba just makes me realise how much age can impact the performance of players. Drogba is a shadow of himself, you can still see he has the tal...
About two weeks if I am not mistaken. I think he handled his first league game last week.
Hazard can be so exciting to watch and really frustrating at the same time. He needs to be more decisive and shoot!!! At the end of the day, it is the amount of...
No games this weekend, I am in the USA at the moment, my first trip here from London and I was just reflecting on a few things, I thought I'd share with you guy...
1 week ago
Schurlle will totally lose his place and he wont even get my sympathy for it. Why has he become so poor and predictable all of a sudden. Didnt believe I will s...
2 weeks ago
Seriously what the hell is wrong with Schurlle... What is with his obscene obsession with trying to score a spectacular goal over the last few games. Instead ...
3 weeks ago
Not chelsea related but oh my God.. Tottenham is a joke of a club. A bunch of extremely average players it pisses me off. I know we are rivals but for the sake ...
Lol @Success. I must say that as amusing and interesting as MrBukLau(A.k.a Victor) is, sometimes I just facepalm at his comments also. How on earth do you blam...
1 month ago
@Rajmahal.. As funny as it sounds, that is actually part of the 2.3 million pounds deal. He would be going to Vitesse on loan in January. Lol
@Bazinga: I share the same views as yours and I must say this without been offensive to anyone but that dude called Jeroen is the biggest two faced member on th...
Over the years, I have always laughed at the hypocrisy of rival fans who blame chelsea for spending heavily during our building phase. It is so funny because wh...
Hope you are doing good bro, it's been a long time. I knew u might be busy but it is sometimes good to experience the season with us.
2 months ago
Argentine strikers have been so meh!!! They ruined the Argentine chances ..
3 months ago
I honestly will be sad if Brazil continues to play David Luiz as a CB after they restructure their team after the world cup. This guys is dynamite of destructi...
I still stand by my assessment of David Luiz, he is an extremely reckless player who doesnt realise the amount of responsibility he shoulders at the back as a C...
Honestly I am so glad luiz is getting caught out on his awful runs, maybe after this game, he can see how badly he exposes his team to danger. Glad we got 50 m...
Not kicking a man when he is down but you see why i never rated Luiz?? A loveable character no doubt but mehn , he only plays well when he plays with another g...
Robben is an enigma, absolutely fantastic to watch and also extremely annoying with his diving antics.
Gotta agree with you bro, its been criminally boring. All teams been too careful
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