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Filipe!!!!!! Luis
4 days ago
Drogba has been so poor, I am starting to feel bad for Remy.. Why on earth does he have to remain on the bench even when drogba is playing poorly.
Not just about this dive but what is wrong with cahill for christ sake. His judgement has been poor for weeks now and now he just added diving to dat.
1 week ago
Wow.. Zouma is making some really decent interceptions out there and what about the leap on that boy.. I am impressed with his performance so far
2 weeks ago
Remy :)
Are we going to pack the bus with a two goal lead... Lol.. Sometimes i just dont get our game philosophy..
Lol.. nonetheless, You have a point bro . Also, I dont know why hazard never goes for the far end when he shoots, he was lucky that shot went in because of the ...
Costa needs to CHILL!!!!! out.. That was a very stupid move there.
3 weeks ago
Dude please give me the full link... I didnt get a single word on your sentence... Please.. Tnx :)
Check your comment wall..
In response to the challenge by @Niru.. I have put up my first profile picture. I think it is a very befitting first profile picture.
1 month ago
Samcrosoft updated their profile
Http:// I know it is a link but stil...
Top of the morning to you guys and every other CFC Fan in London. @Chelse4laif. I wrote a piece about this some two or three weeks ago, for me, I put it that j...
The miss isnt the issue for me ("Anyone can miss a penalty"), it is how we got it in the first place. Hazard could have attempted a shot on target before he wa...
Maybe not all of the attack but majority of them. He has lot all of his pace totally and lost his sharpness too. Also fabregas has been really quiet/"disappoin...
@GeekWhu. My exact point, in my opinion, since the strategy is to break away fast and play "Full Counter Attacking Football" like d madrid team under Mou, slow...
Now I get where the whole misconception is coming from. The term "weak link" was just an hyperbole. Obviously, no right thinking person would remove Hazard from...
@Theo. Firstly I am not complaining about him, I am highlighting an area of weakness and secondly, I will give you this simple quote "With great power comes gr...
This may sound a little controversial but Hazard is the "weak link" in the kind of style Mourinho wants us to play ("Full Counter Attacking Football"). I will e...
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