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Honestly, raheem sterling is one of the most useless footballers around. Dude is extremely overrated!!. All he does is run around like a headless chicken and he...
1 day ago
^^ Aptly said bro, his decision making is like that of a todler.
5 days ago
Cahill-naldo with the acrobatic overhead kick...
1 week ago
He is leading the team in terms of assists. That should count for something.
Lol. thats not fair, he's been one of our top performers this season.
Willian frustrates me so much.. Why does he just take too many touches!! Anyway, good goal and great balance so far, now we need one more goal to close it all.
Bro, the name of the problem is WAYANMA. Dude singe handedly nullified Kante and Matic.
2 weeks ago
Costa has been utterly poor tonight. I'm actually not to pissed about the scoreline but I feel we didnt play well like we can. At the start of the season, I wo...
I think courtouis doesnt really communicate well with the defence. the second goal could have been avoided if he could shout at the defence to organize them pro...
Honestly Luiz needs to stop with all these his wayward long passes. He doesnt need to do it all the time. sometimes, just do short passes.
I honestly still believe we can pull this off,..
Lets try something new, maybe Pedro => Willian Fabregas => (Moses)
^ How is he overrated?? He is one of the most exciting young talent in the world, just look at his stat, coming from Mk dons to the EPL.
Honestly, this has also been my fear about alonso for ages.. he gets run over quite alot and whats with luiz today also, the whole team is just in sleep mode.
Nah, we are winning 2-1 at least. I'm calling it.
This ali guy is pure fire!!.. 19 goals and 10 assists in 50 games from the midfield. Anyway, I was expecting a goal from them, Tot always score first against ...
I know right, he has been man handling kante in the midfield, maybe he can go quiet a bit now.
Pedro has been really poor also, now that I have said that, just wait for him to score .
Dear God diego has been sloppy. lol.. He just bullied his own team mate (Pedro). I just hope he scores
This wanyanma guy is a machine. Is like having a bigger kante with the energy of ramires lol.
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