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@Chelseamania. Dude, I live about 10 minutes away. Infact I used to live at Northwick Park and I see wembley stadium every morning but I just moved in to harrow...
3 hours ago
I trust Mou and even though, I may disagree with his "Defend Always Tactics", I highly respect his opinions when it comes to transfers. However, I seriously h...
2 weeks ago
I haven't said anything about Benitez going to RM out of respect for the fans of the club and also, because I was silently hoping the deal wont fall through. H...
1 month ago
Just watch liverpool splash 30m for benteke in the transfer window. Lol. He has been so poor today, fair to him, he hasnt had any good service.
I am not sure it is true but I read that "Inter ready £26m Cuadrado bid". If it is true, I would say we go for it. I am just not sure he is the EPL type of pla...
@BluffMaster, you bet I have a really STRONG opinion about his attitude. Lol. Jokes aside, my ratings are as follows. Performance := 9.8 ------------------- I ...
Yes. believe me, the amount of bad press we have received for just 19EPL goal is not worth it, there are other players who would score that many goals and not a...
Wow. Costa... just wow.. See what you have caused!!! This guys character is sickening!!!! I dont care how talented he is. I dislike him more and more everytime...
Everytime I see luis defend, I just appreciate how luck we are to have Azpi. Lol. because Luis isnt that bad in defending really, but Azpi is just too good.
Nice goal from behraino.. But Cortouis needs to learn to be more aware of his line. He keeps leaving his line!! Same thing against stoke and charlie adams saw ...
That is great in my opinion, lets face it, that vitesse is giving them enough experience, infact I believe that Bamford has gained more experience in the champi...
^. True bruv. By the way, Lewa just scored a fantastic goal, as if he came to read this comment. Lol As for Pep, it is a legendary case of arrogance of power,...
Not taking anything away from Barca but Lewandoski has been meh!!!! Even in the first leg, he should be doing better with the chances he has been getting.
In my opinion, all finishers miss alot of chances, even suarez, aguero etc. The only major exceptions are "Ronaldo and Messi", they don't miss too many chances....
Also, hazard needs to learn how to finish, In my opinion, Neymar is a WAY better finisher than hazard is, I bet you if hazard had all the chances Neymar has sco...
I know right. The engine in that body is something else. How he runs tirelessly for 90 minutes is amazing.
Lol. This is probably hazards worst game for chelsea. None of his tricks are coming off today. May he is tired. He needs rest.
Messi is so effortlessly SPECIAL!!!.. This guy is out of this world, he does everything without feeling the pressure of competition like ronaldo does. Messi i...
2 months ago
Cech!!!... God knows I love this man, Maybe its just me but I still have my doubts with cortuois in goal but anytime I see cech, I am just so confident. Chelse...
I know right. He is trying his best, he just doesnt have it anymore. He makes me laugh.
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