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Ahhmmm dalglish,gerrard, and every possible thing related to networks,router,switches,jeremy cioara..
Gary neville loud mouthed shit,cristiano fucking ronaldo,manchster teams..
Liverpool for life, kop for life

love this club cos it has got the most passionate fans and when anfield is roaring i literally get goose bumps, and always think of residing in liverpool..

surely i'll get der one day and i would be part of anfield climate...
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HaVE uR kEyBoRDS CheCKED.!! :D
2 hours ago
Lol no disrespect intended, but you can find 500 combinations of 96 and 1989 from the seasons when we haven't won the title. Its all down to players attitude a...
LOL as an FYI for Indians Abhisek bacchan who is a chelsea fan tweeted saying grats to pool and crowd was awesome.. and especially adam gilchrist's tweet was j...
That was nasty actually i saw that and guess he was rushed to the hospital immediately.
LOLLL Teja you made my day.!!
This number of penalty thing is just annoying me. Yes we have got penalties a lot this season but saying we are on the top just bcos of those penalties and we ...
4 days ago
5 days ago
I think in 2008/09, Man Utd was at 90, Liv: 86, Chelsea: 83
1 week ago
It depends a lot on managers as well.!! There are quite a few things behind studge being a hit. 1st of all he was desperate to prove himselves, 2nd BR generall...
What makes me laugh about Kolo is when he gets on, he looks around him and asks everyone to calm down. But the moment he gets a ball under pressure he himself ...
^That idea is so mean and scary.!! Players like Nevas, Walcott, sterling in some case can be extremely good impact subs and can run of to defenders breath and c...
I had the same debate with of my colleague yesterday. Demel made it look easy against flanno, but you are forgetting the fact that that guys is monster where a...
I think no, cos they are coming to Anfield and they are coming here to take 3 points. So scenario compared to west ham would be different, we will get more spa...
Redinheart I am not sure u trolling or just being funny, this site really used to be fun when members were less but really mature, i mean i have been on this s...
Feelings are always mutual.!! we have to respect every team even if they are our fiercest rival.!!
Really appreciate it..!! There have been lots of trolls these days i still remember having healthy conversation with United fans but as number of children incre...
^Yes he is injured!
ATM Arsenal are absolutely being battered! Everton is bossing them completely. This is even more embarrassing than Chelsea L'pool or City games yes everton are...
BR has done fantastic job and he exactly knew what he wants from suarez. Problem with suarez is he gets too frustrated at times and has done things in past wh...
That is why IMO suarez is way better then RVP or Torres etc etc. 1st of all i shouldn't compare them as Torres and RVP & Suarez lie in entirely different categ...
The whole atmosphere, fans, pundits and experts around the world are kind of putting an unwanted pressure on us. M not saying that they are not right but too m...
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
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