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Calm down dude, i did not criticize him..i just wonder why suddenly he looked more eager in scoring..nobody criticize hazard here, he's one of our main man this...
1 month ago
Looks like hazard trying to prove something tonight..he rarely been selfish, tonight it looks like he doesnt even wanted to pass..anybody got a clue?
Does ramires even know how to pass?? Does torres even know how to hold the ball and make runs??
7 months ago
8 months ago
9 months ago
10 months ago
Giroud crap??? you cant be serious
Check their schedule for the past 1 month..they've had toughs opponents - chelsea, arsenal, city,'s not easy to win against these teams
11 months ago
Still not good in positioning for me..he didnt get many ball because he failed to put himself at the right place to receive mirallas sprinted pass a...
1 year ago
Yesterday he contributed more to defence and rarely join our attack..that's why
1) we should improve our chance creation..right now we're being sh*t at this, just rely on counter attack and mistake by opponent.. 2) we desperately need a st...
Palace, sunderland and norwich for me
Http:// great memory
Watch city vs everton?? lukaku score again, but look at his first touch and passing..clumsy i must say, he really need to improve that
Thanks guys..i think i'll go for forwards are already packed with benteke, aguero and sturridge..i planned to sub sturridge with giroud, but looking at...
Hi, i come in peace :)..i need your suggestion, who should i choose for my fantasy team..walcott, ozil or giroud?? you know your team better.. btw congrats fo...
How can he cross when there's nobody inside the penalty box?? our attacking desire is just too slow today..we need a striker that can position himself well, so ...
Rooney score an own goal and celebrate with Jose
Buy young talent -> play him in youth team -> loan him -> sell him = chelsea style.. sometime i wish we could be like arsenal, in term of developing young ta...
Like it or not, we have to get use to it..mourinho's chelsea rarely rape opponents, unless we need a good goal margin (eg: champions league match..)
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