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Recent Activity ive always opinion is insignificant and worthless on this should ignore it...cus i dont know anything i dont need to sh...
6 years ago
Real madrid have mourinho..we have TBS. haha come on dude.. im not now nor will i ever try to win a popularity contest.. you can have the footytube presidency.....
Just watch him explanation needed.. finances?..never said we should pay any price if he wants to come and our management desries him then he will come ...
No one said anything about not needing busquets.. call yourself an idoit again... and congratulations on your superior footytube management.. that quality makes...
Who called who an idiot? yourself one for assuming so .. complete respect to guardiola.. that doesnt mean we must blindly agree with every decision he mad...
Again..finances... im speaking in FOOTBALL TERMS... show some respect for yaya.. hes not coming at us asking for money..hes asking to play with us... regarding ...
Alves may be a bit eccentric compared to the barcelona choice of character but he deserves to and should stay
I will always want spain to win but honors depend on performance..for example turkey...last euro were the delight of the tournament..i love underdogs
I may be killn it...but yaya kills it all day...
Why does this conversation make me think of the wide variety of frozen treats from the ice cream truck? :p
Only a couple minutes of this video are required to prove my point..but if youre patient enough...more so..appreciative wait until the 2 minute mark...
Haha yeah its like i tell my lil brothers.. all you gta do is... not let the other teams score ...and score as many goals as you can..simple right? :p
Why you guys always bring up finances?.. he loves barca..treat him with the same respect.. he always played anywhere he was asked to.. cb cdm cm ..he can do it ...
I prefer messi to drop into xavis position and allow room for a striker who plays the false 9 role with an emphasis on the 9..kind of how eto'o did
Haha no not at all..i apologise if i came off as insensitive..youth should be the were jst preaching to the choir is all :) thats why i said "no...
No one said they shouldnt alex...what exactly are you adding here besides the obvious?
^ i love these little arrows.. :) i disagree on both of your points..because youre wrong..jk :p ...but i will leave it at footballing mind prefers yaya...
Thanks alejandro...jst look at all of the amateur defending in that vid hahaha :p...pele would never score any of those goals against me :p
^ thank your cover
It wont happen..i jst want it does he...he loves barca..he never wanted to leave..i dont think he minds falling into rotation.. a squad like barca have b...
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