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4 years ago
Wigan plain out beat us. Well done wigan, you deserve the win. It clearly showed who was hungry on the field.
WOW, WHAT FINISHING! Imagine if negredo is performing like this in the world cup!
Hahaha, what are you on bro? you are clearly on another "plane" if you say zidane has nothing on ramsey.
All the talk about bale being a team player, but what you don't realize is that Ronaldo is also a team player, only reason he seems like a selfish player is bec...
Great win and ronaldo deserved a hattrick for the way he ws playing but that hand ball should never be given as a penalty.
I say at the end, it will be between Man city and Arsensal. Liverpool is still lacking that difference maker in midfield!
Every team in need of a striker, instead of paying a high price for a player, needs to pay Athletico scouts to find them strikers!
Great team play! Agueros goal was the best one tho!
Man of the match should be the goalie for bilbao! This could easily have been very 8-0!
That is definitely worthy of a hattrick. Usually hattricks come from tap in and penalty goals but every goal in that hattrick was top 10 stuff. And i have to sa...
I think Man City will defintiely go thru this year. Moscow is not strong this year, they have been poor this season. it would be a really big upset if moscow ov...
I say is going to be arsenal and dortmund. napoli has a solid squad but need more time to gel. Both arsenal and dortmund have managers who have been at the club...
As a madrid fan i am very disappointed by the "win." Juventus deserved to draw this game. As great a player ronaldo is, this is why people don't respect him as ...
Anyone have longer highlights?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Calm down buddy, there is no need for the foul language. You claim that city bought their glory and that the other top four teams didn't. Are you serious, Chels...
6 years ago
Um no buddy, it is correct the way it is! before today, Messi had 15 and Ronaldo 17, now if u know u simple grade school math, 15+2=17 and 17+1=18!
7 years ago
My same exact thoughts! lol
Balatolli is a piece trash, they wasted money on him! There is so much more we could have got instead of that piece of garbage! Wish they get rid of him and bri...
This sucks, wish tevez would stay! But i still don't understand why Mancini would take off his best player! But I was really disappointed by his reaction! SMH
If u say so, but win tomo and then talk! You guys r too cocky these days! bet ur game ends in a draw tomo! :P
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