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3 years ago
But we did drop points... Against Swansea...
Saidy7 gave the Manchester United v Newcastle United video a rating of 5
Wooooooooow sooooooo many chances created. Good job lads. Possibly should have won by more!! :)
Our defence is just painful >.
LOL imagine this was a CL game... concede 4away goals? Ridiculous!!
I agree completely. Good on them and goodluck to them for the rest of the competition.
WEll thank god De Gea is on our team!!!
De Gea!!! :) Goon on him!!!
Blah Blah. Evra-Suarez not my problem Manchester U - L'pool is wat i came to see. 2-1 ROONEY = awesome. Nuf' sed :)
Handshakes are overrated. Let your football do the talking.
Thank you for that. I dont get how people say Howard Webb is on manchesters side. There were obvious fouls for manchester that he didnt give. The tackle cahill ...
4 years ago
Howard Webb is weird... man utd def deserved a penatly in the first half. And we def didnt deserve a penalty in the 2nd half. Yet he decides the exact opposite....
Pepe is the only embarrassment i can find in madrids performance! I dnt think he has a functioning brain in that head of his.
Check it out. Its around the 19minute mark in the vid.
Wat are u talking about? The way madrid played in this game shows their character. Even Ronaldo is looking more dangerous. Madrid are past the 'choking' stage. ...
I feel for madrid. They deserved to be 3-0 up by the 40minute mark. I take my hat off to them for actually coming out in the 2nd half and playing to win. And i...
Ur so sad it literally hurts -.- Worry about ur team brah. U might actually not get relegated.
:O :O :O NANI's GOAL!!!!!!! :O :O :O
WE WANT TEN!!!!!!!!!! :)
^ Coming from an Arsenal fan?????
Hay hay back off from liverpool - city can get flushed down the toilet - but liverpool i got respect for em' and there team is lookn good... Respect from ur Re...
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