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Its not like he is costing 50mil!
6 years ago
U both shud move in together with fergie and webb and complete his family...
There is no point in arguing with a united fan, that i have learned over the past few years..even after the 3 goals comeback u guys were still on the ropes and ...
He f****n snipered it in that was a brilliant save
Wow lol wellbeck shud have scored? oh then torres shud have scored too..ur argument is so dumb its ridiculous and says something abt united who needed 2 s**t ca...
I think im gonna lose my iq trying to reply. live in ur world . thats why neutrals hate united..peace..
Taj r u forgetting the handball goad by macheda? do u guys even watch the game properly?!
You guys wud not have even scored one if it werent for 2 s**t pens that helped u guys gain momentum..utter nonsense but oh a life long chelsea fans ive...
You manure fans r the only one who think they were legit pens..9/10 neutrals will tell u these were s**t calls enjoy ur point..thats all i gotta say
Didnt mean to hit the transfer button
Guys i do have to say against norwich we kept the ball really well..i am starting to see the quick passing and fast movement..the only thing is missing is cross...
Absolutely..ive been crying for sturridge i thought he was ready 2 yrs ago but our club wont sell malouda for god knows why..they have wasted valuable time..the...
You forgot ur medicine or u had too much to drink
Studge is doing brilliantly for us..god knows where we would had mata and studge not fired..lamps is not playing well at all..he can throw a fit all he wants bu...
@luda u can keep the overrated player..we got mata..didnt u want to buy him but he choose west london over north..dint he...we shall c who the boss is..
I dont even feel like reading your posts coz ur pic makes me lose my focus
Guys avb learned from his mistake, he admitted we paid for the defensive strategy...I dont think he will ever do that sure he got plenty of abuse...le...
Worse day every..omg
Exactly my point..
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