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These are from games played very long ago
7 years ago
True true they lack a playmaker which i think is totti's best position
I live in malta :P
I think without totti Italy will struggle, i hope they do well but without his flair it will be difficult
There were games from italy, england final, german cup final but still only one assist was shown i guess the uploader is a barca fan
You call 24consecutive unbeaten games disappointing??? btw the worst was not that the lazio fans cheered for the inter goals but that they booed their goalkeepe...
Lool steven gerard got my vote
Ya but roma doesnt have millions and millions from Moratti inter should be ashamed to exist losing first place to a team that was 3rd from last roma were 20poin...
8 years ago
Hope that the "ALMIGHTY IMPERIOUS GRANDE INTER" win a champions league after 65 YEARS...
Lol ya nice at the end
They will win the scadetto not the scudetto :P
Next weekend is gonna be exciting Juventus - Inter Lazio - Roma (Derby)
Very nice from falkirk fc
Awesome video, keep it up
Lol almeria owned barcellona big time
No, before there were ampia sintesi sky highlights and many more videos with high quality
Where are the sky highlights??
Julio sergio didnt concede a goal he was substituted because he was injured and then Doni conceded the 3 goals
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