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PSG Vs. Chelsea
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No need to take the Lord's Name in vain :P I think Arsenal rode a bit of luck. I'm no Dortmund fan either, though.
Germany won't be too concerned about this loss given that it was by one goal on foreign soil with 9 of their starting 11 being reserves. On the other hand, the ...
I think it should have been flagged offside, too. Ecuador player was in an offside position when the ball was struck and was within a foot or so of Adler. You c...
I think people are reading "over rated" when the typed words are actually "under rated."
Bayern > Man United
I wouldn't blame the keeper for all four, but certainly on the last two he looked like he did not put forth the effort expected of a professional...
If only die Mannschaft would replicate this I'd be happy for four years.
Barca getting away with handballs in the box during a CL match? Now where have I heard that one before??
@Pukaki, I'm pretty sure that I haven't praised Cech lately and that I HAVE been critical of him earlier in the season. You can disagree with me but I'm hardly ...
Honestly, from a Bayern perspective, I've been more concerned about potentially meeting Madrid in the final than Barca in the semis ever since the draw was made...
A) I didn't watch the match so maybe I missed something, but what's with the 6 minutes of added time? B) Especially considering the already excessive 6 minutes ...
5 years ago
All three goals were wicked.
The fact that officials don't call blatant fouls like that is exactly what encourages players to dive. Good on Torres, shame on the ref.
Is it just me, or is Cech losing his touch?
Benitez ought to leave and he can take Torres with him.
I was thinking the same thing...
Nah, that would make far too much sense...
Not like the US, no. This wasn't even where snow hits the US the worst, nor was it in the middle of winter. Try Wisconsin in January. Unless you want to play ev...
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