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5 years ago
Man utd haters just dont know what to say if united wins,LUCKY is the only word they can tell..they say we pay referee,yes we pay referee rather than buying a b...
More wining united made more haters will come =D enjoy ur pain haters we will always laugh thou LOL
We accept the apologize but punishment need has to be done for that typical attitude. accident??cmon..they all profesional players with that little gap ball wit...
My thou 2-3 final scored is more painful compare to 1-6 at old trafford LOL
Alright people shut up stop arguing age from both team,chelsea take the chance united defender blow the chance case closed.
Cant blame me torres down bit late look like he trying dive while he got one yellow already. hernandez very difficult to see..because the movement very ...
Definitely we need smalling and jones back while vidic injured and ferdinand is not in his peak
I hope United will started to play young more powerful and very enjoyable to watch.therefore,manutd haters no complaint about this games =) no wonder w...
As United fans im not happy with the way United playing.i have some respect to fergie,i think is time fergie to retired. United could play more aggressive and m...
Whatever haters comments very fact,we as united fans so happy with our players simply as that.. welcome jealousy =p
Finally a player that we need arrived,hopefully he can keep his consistency with united.looking forward for 1 or 2 new signing. lucas maura he look promising =)...
Whatever to ronaldo haters...please stop lying to urself..hes the best football player in the planet
If united can play with this spirit,i think they can beat any team..just my opinion thou.. credit to valencia..what a top player
6 years ago
Good on u ronaldo finnaly u prove it again..
Cmon manu only twice young did so far...more comin and we lift trophy at the end ahhahaha
Good on u shitty =D
Is no way to compare which the best between messi or ronaldo..they both is totally differents type player. messi is classic player ronaldo is modern player end...
Im tired to hear manutd always get lucky winning,which lately people complaining for fulham about dzeko penalty? this is what interesting from prem...
Imagine.... pepe play for liverfool,and run,break messi leg in purpose i believe liverfool fans will say is accident
Messi is the best ronaldo is the beast
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