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NO LIVERPOOL FANS IN SIGHT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA allot has changed since i been last on this site u guys used to literally OWN this site..... ...
7 years ago
Ajax is getting thrashed, all they got is their gr8 attack, their defence is rubbish..
" NICE TO SEE YOUR OWN FANS BOOING YA, THATS WHAT MORAL SUPPORT´╗┐ IS" jesus!!! Allah!!! Buddha!!! Krishna!!! did everyone forget how to speak scouse! or am'...
I've known , i been screaming this for the last couple of months!!!... see what happens when no one listens
Summery for you " the more EPL players you have the less likely your team will win the world cup" that should make it easy for you i think!
Yeah but their old and what are the chances of retaining the world cup hasn't been done since brazil 1958 & 1962 , but still 100% seria A
Yay my theory its on its way to become true! "no team containing players that play in the EPL has won the world cup since england 1966, except for maybe 3 playe...
I dont really like real madrid, but i really thought if a player is playing for them, he should automatically be in the world cup squad. they should have not le...
Congrats eto'o. if wining treble back to back don't get you a ballon d'or , i don't know what will.
LOL o0 I GUESS I got that one wrong pretty bad, it wasnt a fight more like a scuffle...
Yh glad u did some research, but it wouldn't sound so ridiculous if a team with very little premier league players win the world cup again? it would be like a c...
@rednev10 lol at you man seriously cause non of them did hahahahahahaha kudos for trying to sound smart and ending up looking stupid, "this can only come from...
@jsrohrbaugh well if thats the case how come england hasn't won it since 1966? they even made it just once to the semifinal in 43 years...
Its hard to navigate through the pages if u don't speak english , even i struggle sometimes....
Yh thats exactly what im saying.. i really don't know why but might be when ur playing in the EPL people expect from u a high performance and that adds on press...
I love how some english fans are saying why isn't zamora in the squad or young, or what tactics should we use and all that crap. come on it's not like england i...
Loooooooooooooooooool at u man seriously "cronaldo is mature now he passes the ball allot more" WELL THATS WHAT YOU SUPPOSED TO DO IN FOOTBALL!!! HELLOOOO the...
I like barca and i think they represented football in the most elegant way this decade more than any team.but.... i think they probably draw or lose this match....
It definitely was a set up, regardless we would have won that game anyway Gerard just made sure we did. i would check he's weekly balance i think it went up by...
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