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Btw make openfooty buat dimana ? boleh liat hasilnya ? :D
6 years ago
Haii juga:).. Iya dr Surabaya ni.. Salam kenal ya:)..
Dari surabaya bos ? salam kenal..
Dear Matt, Thanks a lot Matt for response my question and forwarding my email to Araz. I know you're very busy there:)... How I can get in touch with Araz to ...
Dear Matt, Thanks a lot Matt for response my question and forwarding my email. I know you're very busy there:).. How I can get in touch with Araz?? Is this pe...
Hi Rsugianto, Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Happy to hear that OpenFooty helped you get a good grade! If you are now looking to go commercial ...
Hi guys, I have a simple question.. Does anybody know about how many and what times daily news from method team.getNews is updated? Thanks before:)..
Dear Matt, Thanks a lot for this fantastic Football API and your help until I success to finish my final project for my graduation. I got a good score btw :)....
Hi Matt:).. Thanks for fixing the league.getTeams bug.. It's working perfectly now^^..
7 years ago
Yeah I also agree with you NinjaFox.. This API is awesome:).. Thanks to anyone for developing this API..
Oo.. I see, thanks for the reply..
Dear all, I want to ask something.. XML response list about news from specific team with service method team.getNews with league Serie A (Italy) and Primera D...
Is match.getGuardianCommentary method unavailable?? Because I got error in result Thank you.. Link value with kind="footytube" give invalid url.. Double "".. valu...
Waw, I've received my API key.. Thanks again Matt:)..
Dear Matt, {edit: removed for security reasons} If it is done, please let me know by reply this comment here. I will check daily at your wall here:)... Th...
Thank you Matt for replying n Happy New Year 2011 before:)... Hmm, I still dun understand.. Then, how I can pass domain check and get my API key??..
Dear Matt, I'm really sorry for bother you again:( I want to ask you something about the domain check requirement to get my API key. Because that domain i...
Go Persebaya go.. Bonek dibelakangmu !!!!
Thanks a lot for your fast help.. I'm already get the email.. Really appreciate it:).. Thanks a lot Matt:)
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