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Bye Bye footietube it's been nice but unfortunately too many silly young arsefans, that know nothing of winning titles have bored me to leave. Like their french...
8 years ago
Terrible challenge on arsenal Gibbs last night, sorry it went properly unpunished. Plus no, i'm surprise puddle are'nt doing better, and not really sure who's a...
Plz don't appologize, the silverware in the club cabinate sorts out the gasbag boys from the true winners...
Sepp's calling a meeting!! too much coverage of fifa corruption ?
Off again... red card for rubbish talk.
Arseromance! your very very quiet, where's your ever so informed comment? muppet. glory glory.. Evra man of the match closely followed by everyone else in red.....
Who thinks without silvio berlesconi, football would be 50% less corrupt. cuz i do..
I agree with ECEssien, the only way france can be great again is with Wenger in charge, but i wouldn't like to lose him from the epl...
Fifa are corrupt/ and the ref's would beneifit from goal line tech, so why not mr Sepp "pres for life" bladder?
Keepup, it's called being honest, ngog did dive, and torres is a great player, what's the problem smiley.
No no, it's just not right, by your reconing it's ok to do wrong just as long as you get away with it, what ever happened to moral, justice, fairplayer, truth a...
The only stupid is your comment, it's called football for a reason.....
Sepp bladder must go, this is killing a beautiful game.
Idea . IGNORE people like filelord and arseromance their comments will be sad and lonely as i think they may well be, we have to help them to grow-up.
He's kinda played himself in to a move and may well be shocked at how glad we'll be to have him gone......
Time too turn off the frenchlittleboy Arseromance and filelord, both obviously born post 90s with no idea what they are talking about, ignore and they will go a...
Or the horsehead persie!!
Joe Hart for England, great game.... as for the dive reguardless of team, they should be punished. But why the hell those dip-shits at fifa, uefa won't use goal...
Puddleluck to get a draw at birminghan, so not just united aaaa..
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