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Lets say ronaldo dove, but why did the atleti player fall if there isnt a contact.smartypants!!
4 years ago
Just to remind you guys last year or before Arsenal must have to beat AC Milan 5-0 because they had lost 4-0 the first leg and they almost turned things aroun...
5 years ago
You actually got it all wet!!!
If messi keeps shooting penalities like this,i see him missing them soon.
Did anybody notice at 5: 20, check kameni. LOL
Actully Jepc you can.ask messi if you don`t believe me!!!
CR7 and ballodo`r CR7 2010/2011, ''i score morethan messi so i deserve the ballond`r'' FIFA ''but messi won more trophies CR7 2011/2...
If you guys think fair talk about david luiz handball
Is tevez enjured or what
Hey asfedayn do you always watch football like this, if you do you must be watching alone coz no one would want argue with you.
After the el clasico some people were saying pedro should have subed and is not a good how about this!!!!
@ loopy8 yeah, my bad but you got my point
everybody baiseded in favor of messi including f***ing commentator and camera man.Whenever messi scores they show ronaldos face but when ronaldo scores they sh...
Guys i am dying to see the highlights does anyone has any idea where i can see
I always feel good about shakhtar they were awsome!!!
With the squad barcelona have plus the support they got from refrees they could`ve won 2 best leagues as the same time
I agree with you 11arsenal10, but like snitch said you guys didn`t create chances like you should`ve been
Falcao destroyed chealsea`s def
@bhakundo which game were you watching?????????????
@mad93 the world give!!!!!!!!!!!
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