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MU,England,rooney,play games,football,punkrock n hardcore music,....
Liverpool,arsenal,benitez the arrogant,fakers,especially in football.....
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3 years ago
Stupid guy with soooo much money in hand..guess who it is?..pity RDM
Is Santos drunk?
4 years ago him for the next 20 years or more...dont waste it like what the management did to mourinho..Chelsea maybe down for the next 2 season..but it's norma...
Through this game..u can see from the 1st goal Valdes was totally off position n a player like Ronaldo can easily put the ball on the right hand corner..that is...
Not because i am a united fan..but De Gea should be the 2nd goal keeper for Spain now..with Valdes n Reina is out of form..
Love to see RVP celebrate the 2nd goal by running to Wayne..
We dont need Batman..we've got Roo-Bin..haha
Cause of the hatred towards united..
Typical city fan..we dont need ur view here..
He reminds me of Joe Cole...but he is so much more Hazardous..
England is not a European country???..
The 5th goal is one of the best tactical freekick I've ever seen...
The only different is UNITED still at the top of the league..and where are you 5 times UEFA champion..go on with your history dumb ass..
I think arsenal has found a right replacement for David Seaman..
And he used to play for Madrid..
Lunacraz...maybe you should focus on your club right now...hahahaha
5 years ago
Markodon...united is one of the best club in the, they are looking for the best manager to replace sir alex...these two might have a chance to replac...
His hatred blind his mind..that's why he said 30 minutes...
6 years ago
They're a small team with small mentality...sir alex is always right...hahahaha..
Divided we fall...
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