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Rokudaime03 thought the Barcelona v Real Madrid match was awesome
4 years ago
First goal: The ManU defense was just terrible. The guy just walked in without any defender running with him. Moyes could give them the best defensive tactics p...
Welbeck should have gotten a yellow for that simulation after he headed the ball at the end.
Honestly, i was against man city at first, but after thinking about all the fan's and club's struggles, and the dramatic turn around, i'm so happy for you guys!...
6 years ago
Recently? it's been 2 penalties out of "idk how many"
Well done guys, and i hope higuain stays, he might make mistakes, but when it really matters, he scores important goals. Hala Madrid!!! 1) what was the problem...
Did, di matteo had nothing to do with this, those goals happen 1/1000000 let alone 2 in one game.
OMFG!!!! I've seen so many goals from ronaldo from distance and i thought i was the best there is, but after watching that second goal, not ronaldo, not robben,...
I know that anything can happen in football, but i'm writing off Chelsea this time (i'm a Chelsea fan), they may have proved me wrong against Barca, but without...
That not karma, that's football. And how can you hate on a person for scoring a winning goal for his club, "he had the guts to silence the Camp Nou fans" you ma...
Pentalies = anyone can score, striker, midfield, defence, and goalie, and it's all luck. I just wish they played a 3rd game instead of penalty kicks because it ...
You mean like Busquets? Yep that guy is a master at it!
I'm sorry to say this but, honestly, 1) Chelsea : not only did they beat barca, they even drew against them, at the Camp Nou, 2 goals down, with 10 men. Also I ...
I agree with you on every point besides one, you were not better that us, you were luckier, technically we won the game, but you won the tie. So you guys were n...
Did you guys notice how those Barca trolls slowly but surely went hiding and stopped commenting starting from that win in Stanford, to the ElClasico, to This AM...
Barca = 2 trophies already :p FIFA club world cup, and spanish super cup.
AMAZING!! SIMPLY AMAZING!!! I checked the score when it was 2-0 and thought it was all over, but then... what chelsea did, AGAINST BARCA simply WAW!! I want Mad...
Thing is, it's not just an El Clasico win, it's a title win. This game was supposed to be a major problem for madrid win only 4points apart. And about the chea...
It's a joke, as in Tello messed up Barca's offence, complitely, even I wanted him to get off the pitch,it even felt as if Barca was making fun of us starting a ...
How about you guys beat them? we did it, we showed you how, now all you need to do is replicate what we did.
Sorry man but, we deserve to beat Barca as well. You guys can handle them (Chelsea fan)
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