Rokinstix birthday is comin' up on sunday!!! :D
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Thanks for the friend request ;)
7 years ago
Family reunion thingy? u guys only tlk 2 ur selves no one else,. n u think everyone else is stalkers...thats y. ur calling barca stupid? even the most stupidest...
8 years ago
Also last year, who won player of the year award? MESSI!
Haha omg do u even watch football? n ur a fan of ac milan? if u dnt kno ronaldinho is in AC Milan! Dumbo...wat do we hav did u ask? Messi, Ibrahimovic, Henry, P...
Ok where did you even get this whole FAMILY REUNION thingy??? and also ur just too scared to admit Ronaldo and his AWESOME team is better than messi's!!! no you...
DOUGHNUT!!!!!!!!!! LOL
REAL MADRID HAS RONALDO, KAKA, RAUL, SERGIO RAMOS, AND the best keeper and whut dos barcelona have messi and ronaldino???? pssssshhhhhhhhhh ya barcelona is LAME...
Ok, first of all....... i said 'ronaldo vs. messi' is that easy enogh for u to understand??? good. :) i didn't say Real madrid vs. barcelosers. second of all we...
Umm no if you actually do watch football you would know that Barcelona is better than Real Madrid. LOL last year Barcelona won every league they went in they wo...
1 on 1..... Ronaldo against messi...... Ronaldo would make him run to his mommy. :) sorry. :(
Don't u wish ur soccer team was as-good as-mine!?!?!
Hey yo soccergal293 u'd better whatch ur language or me and my bro soldier4christ will TAKE-YOU-DOWN......'cause were ninjas. >:)
Were the effects awesome!?!?!
Who me????????????
YA i dont care
Well someone got mad!!! lol YES, my 1st rival!!!
You do know the stalker can look on Benji's comment wall and get really mad!!! lol
Hey Lige check out my new profile pic
Check out my new photo album..... if u know of any kinds that i don't have tell me.
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