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Valdes is the best goalie I have ever seen. Not just saying that from this game, but from lots of games recently. He makes saves no one else could ever make, an...
Wow Neymar! He stayed on his feet and look what happened. Messi's little protege, it seems.
I'm pretty sure that guy headbutted the ref when he got a yellow card. Anybody else see that? I couldn't believe there wasn't a red after that.
My take on the red card: yeah Rose gets the ball first, but with so little force that Dzeko would have easily retained possession and gotten off a shot if he ha...
Why the crap did Fabregas not shoot?! Wide open, plenty of time, practically point-blank. The pass to Pedro made for a difficult finish. Fabregas got lucky it e...
Holy cow that was exciting!!!!!!! I love hearing Polish announcers on here. They're so great.
Austria's goal was a bit flukey, and US got very unlucky on about 5 or 6 near-goals. I honestly feel US deserved to win this game.
Wow, good for equatorial guinea. I don't know where that is... Both Spain's goals were actually due to keeper error. Without those EG could have won or drawn!...
Are you kidding me? For what? The play when he got the yellowcard, the ref just wasn't watching. He literally didn't touch the keeper, the keeper just timed his...
Wait, what? Columbia is not a state of the USA.
I'd like to see a friendly between one of these U19 or U21 sides and an NCAA division I soccer team in the United States. I watched an NCAA game the other day a...
Deflections aren't own goals. The ball needs to be going away from the goal before the defender touches it for it to be an own goal.
Hart sucks! How is he even in the EPL?
Nice performance from Malaga's goalie. Ronaldo almost had like 7 goals.
Utter beauty. I got goosebumps when I saw the first goal. The others were wonderful as well. I have been trying to decide which Premier League team to support f...
Good finish on that Belarus goal, but the second Spanish goal, woah! Incredible no look heel pass followed by incredible service into the box followed by incred...
What the!?! That goal with the Di Maria Rabona was sick!
Somewhere on FootyTube
I would say boycott that, but it is so far in the future it seems there is enough time for responsible parties (maybe the leagues like Premier League, La Liga, ...
Wow, the scoreline casts a very favorable light on Ghana. They didn't deserve their goal, and Japan could easily have had two or three more goals.
Wow sounds like it. the phrase is usually "buckin' bronco", but maybe he got away with one there.
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