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@ BarcaFREAK what is up with you and those dumb ass emoticons, are you a 14 year old girl?
6 years ago
I know right this game was so boring. that mistake by de gea and the lucky goal game was thrilling, i still have a boner.
Some one needs to swing, these little pushing pits are getting annoying, if people are going to go down no matter what just put them down hard.
@hitch. yeah i wont watch your youtube compilation, those could make marco materazzi look like a clean player. in recent cl history barca have been gifted games...
I say you learn how to spell, punctuate correctly, and learn how to turn caps lock off.
This has not been the 4th year in a row that they have been gifted the next round of cl, it was a league game and a one time occurrence.
Why? spurs are a great team to watch in the cl, they go out and entertain in most every game, city will most likely play a 9 man back line and rely on tevez and...
Did no one notice that the assister of the first goal made that defender look like a fool? he made him kick at nothing. haven't seen someone get that ripped apa...
7 years ago
Say it all you want, its an untrue and dumb ass statement to make.
Man u still lost bitch
Really, do you expect the players to stick around? as soon as PL, SPL, or even Italy see potential they will stop at nothing to get it, and those are quite attr...
The other half the time he is injury free he is outstanding and both those clubs would have no problem with his wages. why do you hate on a player because he ge...
Goooo wolves!
By the way dont claim this years pl is better than 03/04 when arsenals invincibles reigned, they had something man u didnt, an amazing team that deserved the ti...
You and man u should take it with pinched butt cheeks because this was not the confidence knocker you needed, with man city, chelsea, and liverpool all in your ...
Ill see you guys next week on the comments page(: keep up the hate!
You're falling for the trolling, dumbass.
F**k yeah! i won that award! when is the ceremony?
Rooney took a s**t on united when he did that ill leave unless you pay me more bull s**t. and he sucks anyway!
Ahhhh pissing off man u fans is so fun
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