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Robin69 gave the FK Austria Wien v Atlético Madrid video a rating of 5
A fan of liverpool shudn't be out giving life lessons on hypocrisy and the like, u know. as for the penalty - it was the linesman's duty to get that call right,...
Please don't try to pass off ur 'smartass' comment as being instructive. we united fans know our united players better than u, id think. as for most of barca's ...
@ Benji432 seriously dude? this is ur idea of a joke? how pathetic. u guys seriously dont do england's 'reputation' any favours
5 years ago
Muslera was in lazio.
Donetsk have been a big team for quite awhile.. ur just hating if ur comparing them with the other clubs on that list
IF we win the 20th carrick wudv been 1 of the main driving forces behind our season along with rvp. he has been immense. but we do need somebody along the likes...
@Tooooon England just lack talent, period. the english press always over-hypes any and every upcoming british talent and their own chances which is why england ...
What a bad bad call by the goalie to come out for that ball!
Iraq won the asian cup in 2007 while their country was being torn apart by the americans.
U keep talking about brazil beating blah, blah, and so and so WITH AN OLYMPIC team. what team were the others playing? hmmm?
As we did with england...? and in every other tournament as long as colour television's been around...
Manure ehh? love the toon but ur just a disgrace
They play a much faster paced game then barca and it's more entertaining to watch to be honest...
Juve were very lucky to draw this game. shaktar deserved more than a point and that's a fact. juventus gets away with so many big refereeing decisions that's it...
Here's an idea, instead of reading headlines, listen to the whole interview. he was responding to a reporter's question regarding diving in england and that ser...
What bout it? go over the vid feed again.
Congratulations on climbing out of the drop zone =)
Dominated? 1stly, u need to get ur eyes checked. 2ndly, pray that your kids get their mother's intellect and not urs. 3rdly, congratulations on getting out of t...
It was 4mins. since whe did $hitty start having fans. ummm let's see.... still thinking....
The bayern away kit is fine. but barca's away kit is rilli ugly this year.
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